May 23, 2011

PodPeople Follow up to the 2011 May Meeting

Hello everyone, Ty here to follow up on the recording the Podpeople made at the meeting last weekend, and, well, it didn’t turn out as well as everyone hoped. It’s my fault really for overestimating the ability of the microphones and not giving enough instruction to the guests. While there are some salvageable parts of the recording, they come out as one-sided conversations that don't make any sense and the volume constantly fades in and out.

I’d like to thank everyone again for turning up for the meeting last weekend and helping out as best they could.

Lessons learned from this experience:

  • Microphone positioning
  • Instruction to the guests on how to effectively talk into the microphones
  • Wire all the mics so the audience can participate. Especially when the guests unexpectedly ask for audience participation.

Lessons that still need to be learned:

  • How to hook into the Writer’s Place’s sound system without causing feedback and blowing out the audiences’ eardrums.
  • How to keep sound levels balanced while converting a Garageband File into an MP3 file.

If anyone would like to take a shot at this and has Garageband, please meet me at ConQuesT, I’ll give you the files. Thank you for your help.

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