July 19, 2011

Post July 16 Meeting Wrap Up

Hello all,

Last weekend was a lot of fun. We had a meeting that focused mostly on the 40th Anniversary prep, books sold, eating pizza and a fun time recording the podcast on High Fantasy!

Here are some of the highlights of the meeting!

September 17, 2011 -- The Writer's Place!!

As of now, Robin Bailey and Sherri Dean are leading the group that is helping to put it together.

They need your help!

Here's what you can do:
--Volunteer to bring appetizers and desserts to the part.

--Donate any old convention booklets, Videos of past events (or future, you know, because we can!).

--Contact James M. if you have any articles or art for the 40th Anniversary zine!

--Volunteer! Contact Robin Bailey and Sherri Dean and get them your e-mail address so they can keep in contact!

--Cindy N. is in charge of the shirt display! Donate any old shirts from previous years!

--Tracy M. is setting up a slideshow. Donate any pictures you might have taken at our events!

--David M. is looking for Conbadges from before 1983.

If you can think of anything else you'd like to do to help out, please feel free to comment below or e-mail Robin or Sherri!

Mark you Calendars!

Upcoming events include the Laser Rangers Meeting and Film Cadets/Fanivores posted below.

The August Meeting is taking place on the 13th. The theme is CUPCAKES!!!! Be sure to bring something sweet!

This month is special since there will be two events being held at the same time. On side of the Writer's Place will be the KaCSFFS Art show run by Jan G.

On the other side of the Writer's Place will be Robin Bailey's Radio Plays.

Come and join the fun.

40th Anniversary - September 17th (see above).

October Meeting

October (duh) 29, 2011.
Susan and Becky are in charge of this event. We don't know what they have planned (something spooky!), but we know it will include a Costume Contest, Scary Food Contest, and other surprises. Come if you're will be strong enough!


The podcast went off amazingly well. Our main panel was hosted by:
Sherri Dean
Holly M.
James M.

It was produced by KaCSFFS and was directed and written by Tyrell G.

Tech Support by handled by the KaCSFFS Crew

Guests heard on the show, in order of appearance, include:
Ken K.
David S.
Diana B.
David M.
Dane G.
Robin B.

If you would like to learn more about, at least two of our panelists, you can find them at there websites:

Holly's Blog can be found here:

Holly has released books through Baens Universe:

And sells her costumes on her ETSY Page

Sherri Dean has books released through Yard Dog Books:
http://www.yarddogpress.com/Books.htm#D (search for Dean!)

Speaking of Books

Our own Dane Grannon has published a book! Go check it out now.

Lucky Streak
by Dane Grannon
Published By May December Publications LLC
Words: 68148 (approximate)

Go buy it on Amazon eBook Market or at Smashwords

Blurb from Smashwords:
Lucky is an 18 year-old with a record and is in debt. He pulls a final job which provides the means for clearing his accounts. A path to the straight and narrow is open before him, but a vivacious neighbor talks him out of his money. Faced with missing a court-ordered restitution payment, he decides to pull one final job. Things go terribly wrong and he comes face with a zombie outbreak. Drawing upon his skill, courage, and luck, he struggles to keep his streak alive.

Enjoy reading.

That concludes this wrap up for KaCSFFS July meeting. Hope to see you at the next one.

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