August 06, 2011

First (Annual?) August Art Night is August 13

Bad Boys, by Allison Stein.  
KaCSFFS will host the first of what may become an annual "August Art Night" event, in conjunction with its monthly meeting at The Writers Place, 3607 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO 64111. The meeting and display begin at 6:45 p.m.

Seven artists, two from outside the Kansas City metro area, will display their artwork. They are Sherri Dean, Bev Hale, Jan Sherrell Gephardt,  Signy Gephardt, Rachael Mayo, Allison Stein, and Lucy A. Synk.
Avatar 3, Bev Hale
Jazzdragon 18, by Rachael Mayo

Art media will range from original paintings and paper sculpture, through prints, to jewelry. Rachael Mayo has requested extra space so she can exhibit "some new, large-ish stuff" that she wants "to show off." Rachael was one of our top-sellers at ConQuesT, so this should be a treat!
Oriental Delight, by Lucy A. Synk

Nearly all of the artwork will be for sale, and most of the artists will be there in person.

NOTE: We cannot process charge cards at the show, so if you think you might even possibly want to buy some artwork, please bring cash and/or your checkbook!
Treetop Primaries, by Jan Sherrell Gephardt

In addition to the art display, several other things will be going on as well:
  • A short business meeting. 
  • An old-time radio play program, coordinated by Robin W. Bailey.
  • Sharing of cookies brought by any members who wish to bring them (each person should bring his/her own drink and ice).
  • One last raffle to help fund the 40th Anniversary celebration, which is scheduled for next month, September 17, 2011, at the Writers Place.
  • The last chance to reserve your 40th Anniversary admission (which includes hors d'oeuvres and dessert). You may place reservations online for $11 via PayPal, or pay in person on Aug. 13, via cash or check for $10 (children ten years old or younger get in free). Either way, the deadline is Aug. 13!
  • This also is a final chance to share ideas with Diana Bailey, about names for the pair of bats, and also "the ghosts currently calling the Writers Place home." Any final name choices must be approved by the Writers Place management, and the deadline is approaching soon.
Looking Ahead to Two Events Happening Soon:
"KaCSFFS Memories" are due September 1!
Please write a short description of some of your KaCSFFS memories, and send or give them to Diana Bailey, between now and September 1. She also is looking for recipes that have been favorites at KaCSFFS meetings in the past, and artwork. Here's the format for "Memories" and recipes:
  • Typed 11-point Times New Roman
  • One page or less
  • NO LATER THAN Sept. 1, 2011
These are for a presentation on the 40th Anniversary, Sept. 17.

The August book
SF&F Literati Meeting
This KaCSFFS-affiliated book club is set to meet August 22 at the Oak Park Barnes & Noble.

The book under discussion will be Vegas Knights, by Matt Forbeck. Start reading today!

Many thanks to the artists who gave permission for us to use the images of their artwork in this blog post. EACH IMAGE IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT. Please respect this, and DO NOT RE-POST THEM WITHOUT THE ARTISTS' PERMISSION (their contact information is linked to their names, so that should be easy). Specifically, we thank Allison Stein for Bad Boys; Bev Hale for Avatar 3, Rachael Mayo for Jazzdragon 18, Lucy A. Synk for Oriental Delight, and Jan Sherrell Gephardt for Treetop Primaries.
We also wish to thank Barnes & Nobles Booksellers for the Vegas Knights cover illustration.

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