September 08, 2011

Calling KaCSFFS Creatives!

Creative KAXFEN! Take a bow in the spotlight!

KaCSFFS was established to promote the art forms of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and all kinds of speculative fiction, in all of their various media of expression.

Many of our members or friends are writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, costumers, reviewers, or are otherwise involved in creating work, and/or educating others about the work being done in our favorite genres.

Let us put you and your work
in the spotlight!
If that describes you, we'd like to profile you on this blog.

If you would like for us to shine our spotlight on you, please send us some information about yourself and the creative work you do.

Absolutely essential is a description of who you are, what you do, and how long you have been involved in this work. You may include an artist's statement, mission statement, CV, resume or other descriptive information.

We definitely need at least one image/photo/logo that applies to your work, as well.

Please include any of the following that apply to you:

  • Pictures of your book covers, artwork, promotional posters, etc.
  • A photo of yourself, your studio or work space, and/or your logo.
  • A URL (web address) where interested blog-readers can find more detailed information, or may buy your work. 
  • The URL of your blog.
  • Any contact information you wish to share.
  • Video or audio clips, resources for downloads, or other multimedia resources.
  • If you want to offer KAXFEN a discount, please include that information!
We will review your information and create a short profile using your information. Before it is posted we'll email it to you, and ask you to check it for accuracy (please reply quickly!). Please note: We reserve the right to refuse any images or information that we deem to be inappropriate or at odds with our mission. 

We generally cannot guarantee that information you provide will be posted within any set time frame, though we will try to post it as promptly as is practical. If you wish to announce a time-sensitive event such as a book-signing, concert, show opening, or theatrical production, please alert us with at least two weeks to spare! 

IMAGE CREDIT: The star in the spotlight was provided by 123RF Stock Photos.

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