October 04, 2011

"Game of Thrones" Marathon POSTPONED!

Laser Ranger Ken Keller just made the following announcement:

Might be a good weekend to read the book?
"For [a] tech reason beyond our control, the double-marathon screening of HBO's Emmy-winning Game of Thrones Season One is being *briefly* postponed to a later weekend this month.

"The Game of Thrones marathon *will not* be happening this coming Saturday and Sunday, October 8th and 9th!

"But it *will* still be happening in October, either on the 3rd or 4th weekend--we must first check on a real schedule conflict with another event.

"More details will follow, immediately, as we get this sorted out; we apologize for this postponement.

"Be assured that the 'Game of Thrones Marathon' will be happening, only a little later this month, and with the exact same weekend show times as previously announced.


IMAGE CREDIT: The book cover photo is courtesy of Amazon

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