January 18, 2012

Informative, Relaxed, and Tasty!

KaCSFFS Kicks off its Meeting Year January 21, 2012
We're back at The Writer's Place for
another meeting on 1/21/12.
Location: The Writers Place
3607 Pennsylvania
Kansas City, MO 64111-2820

(Map at end of this post)

Time: 6:30 p.m.

For the program, The X-Ray Delta One Podcast group is taping a panel discussion about views of Fandom and how it is changing. The panelist list was still being worked out at publication time.

Cassandra offers Massage Therapy at
Be Well on 39th.
Prepare for bliss, at the hands of Cassandra Schultz, Massage Therapist! Cassandra will be available all evening to give massages just like the ones she gives at Be Well on 39th, a local holistic health center. 

"Manual muscle manipulations [are] used to decrease pain, stress, and tension, and increase immunity and body awareness," she writes on her website. She specializes in Reflexology and Craniosacral Therapy.

If you like what you experience at the meeting, you can book an appointment with her later, at 816-456-7945.

The January meeting hosts the Third Annual KaCSFFS Chili Cookoff! Bring your best chili, and take on all comers! 

Here are the rules for this year's event:
1. The tasting starts AFTER the meeting.
2. Each chili will receive a number, on a card placed in front of its pot.
3. The club will provide spoons and tasting cups for samples.
4. Tasters vote for their Top Two (2) chilis by marking a ballot.
5. Ballots will be tabulated by Board Members who did not bring chili.
6. The Top Three Chili Cooks will be covered in glory and lauded in the presence of all!

If you choose not to bring chili, please consider bringing crackers, cornbread, butter, cheese, sour cream, or other things that go with chili. You also could bring dessert!  And as always, bring your own drinks, ice, etc. as you prefer!
Do YOU have a great chili recipe? Show us your stuff!
We promised you a map:

View Larger Map 

PHOTO/IMAGE CREDITS: The photo of The Writers Place is from their website. The photo of the Be Well on 39th building is from their website. The image of the rulebook, Da Rules, from the Fairly Oddparents cartoon came from a forum on the Notebook Review website.  Left and center chili bowl images came from Wikimedia Commons, and the bowl with oyster crackers is an image from The Chili Guy's website. The promised map is from Google Maps.

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