April 23, 2012

April Meeting Follow-up

Sherri Dean Conquers All
With her Alien Eggs and her secretarial prowess, Sherri Dean
proved a hit with Kaxfen at the April meeting.
Our new Secretary is Sherri Dean. She leaped right into the job immediately, and began taking notes.

She also brought the winning *coughs -only!- * entry for the Eggceptional Eggcellence Awards with her very creative Alien Eggs entry in the "Cre-egg-tive Minds at Play" category.

Her Alien Eggs were concocted from dried figs, almonds and almond paste, and orange marmelade. They were tasty, as well as wild-looking!

Still Tweaking Bylaws till the End
More amendments were made
to the provisional draft of the
KaCSFFS Bylaws Saturday.
Several Kaxfen brought up questions and proposed adjustments to the provisional draft of the KaCSFFS Bylaws that had been submitted for examination at the March meeting by the Bylaws Committee. The process of bringing the club's bylaws into compliance with the Missouri requirements for a 501(c)3 corporation, begun more than a year and a half ago, continues.

The discussion session at the meeting Saturday night became rather lively at times, as the merits of various provisions were discussed. Several sharp-eyed persons also helpfully pointed out typos for correction.

At the end of the discussion, a majority of the quorum present voted to provisionally approve the Bylaws draft, as amended. The new version was to be posted as a PDF in the file "2012 Bylaws" on the KAXFEN Yahoo Group. It is now available there, for review by all interested members who have paid their dues and thereby have voting privileges.

A final vote to ratify this version of the Bylaws will be taken at the May 19 meeting. If it is not approved, the amendment process will continue.  Passage of an acceptable set of Bylaws is an important part of being approved for our 501(c)3 status, so this is an important issue for the club.

Do You Have Your Membership Card?
President Diana Bailey opened the meeting Saturday by reading aloud the names of persons who had not picked up their new membership cards.

Why is it so important to have your membership card? For one thing, it entitles you to a growing array of discounts!

First of all, there's your ConQuesT membership! The last chance to buy a membership in person with the club discount was the April 21 meeting, but you have until May 15 to buy it online! Check the instructions on the KAXFEN Yahoo Group for how to get the discount.

39th St. Minsky's now
offers us a discount!
We just learned on Saturday that Kaxfen now can get  a 10% discount at the 39th Street Minsky's Pizza! The discount is good anytime, but if you plan a run over there after a meeting, they request that you call ahead so they can be ready.

You also can get discounts at these other fine local merchants:

The Marrakech Cafe
Two Prospero's Bookstores locations
Aquarius books and gifts
Vulcan's Forge fine jewelry

IMAGE CREDITS: The photo of Sherri Dean's Alien Eggs is by Jan S. Gephardt. The photo of Sherri Dean is from her Facebook page. The "Bylaws Book" image is from the A.J. Whittenberg Elementary School of Engineering "ByLaws/Standing Rules" page. The ConQuesT 43 logo/lettering is from the ConQuesT website. The photo of 39th Street Minsky's is courtesy of Yelp! Many thanks to all!

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