April 02, 2013

Bewildered Author Staggers into 21st Century!

M.C. Chambers' Silk and Velvet Now Available on Kindle
Many of us have met Mary Chambers at KaCSFFS meetings--but did you know she is a writer?  She writes as M.C. Chambers, and her latest publication is the Kindle edition of her novelette Silk and Velvet.

Silk and Velvet had been previously published in a print only edition of an anthology, Renaissance Festival Tales, by Hadley Rille Books.

"Stepping carefully in the footprints of authors braver than I, I took mouse in hand and began clicking" Mary said. "The experiment is a success!  The fantasy novelette Silk and Velvet is now available online in Kindle format. Now really, was that so hard? On to the next challenge..."

More about Silk and Velvet:

It's Midsummer in early Renaissance Scotland. A troubled clan chief charges a mysterious courier called Silk with a message that will determine the course of war in the Highlands. On the road to Edinburgh, Silk meets handsome musician "Velvet" Hugh MacToro. Will he prove distraction or salvation? Will she bring him luck - or ruin? The air is full of music and secrets . . . and more magic than you know.

IMAGE CREDIT: many thanks to Amazon for the cover art.


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  2. This is an excellent read! I enjoyed every word of it. Mary's writing is almost lyrical.