March 17, 2014

Extremely important meeting March 22 2014!!

The March Meeting is Massive!  
Please note that this post has been updated from the version first published (nominations).
The meeting will be held at our usual venue!
March KaCSFFS Meeting
3607 Pennsylvania Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64111
Saturday, March 22, 2014
Open Board meeting: 5:30 p.m.
KaCSFFS Business meeting: 7:00 p.m.

March is massive for two big reasons:
1. Dues are Due!
This is the month when all memberships come up for renewal. Only dues-paid members can vote or run for office, so for your nomination to be valid or your vote to count, you have to be a current, dues-paid member!

Membership-processing in 2013: D.J. Bailey & Cindy Norton
If you wish to chair a department for the ConQuesT annual Science Fiction Convention, you also must be a dues-paid KaCSFFS member, as well as a member of the convention.

KaCSFFS members with current membership cards are also entitled to valuable discounts at several fine Kansas City-area merchants. Watch for an upcoming announcement of a new Page tab that will describe currently-offered member discounts!

Annual membership dues are $25 per person, when paid via check or cash, and $27 (includes a processing fee) when paid via PayPal, which will take a credit card.  The online option is immediately accessible at right in the sidebar.  Pay with cash or check (payable to KaCSFFS) in person at the meeting, or mail your check to:
P.O. Box 34413
North Kansas City, MO 64116

2. Nominate NOW!
The only person who can nominate you is you!  Only one current BoD member has announced the intention to self-nominate to continue serving in her current office. All KaCSFFS Board of Directors positions are open for change or renewal, so we need one or more self-nominations for all positions.  Please consider whether you would like to serve in any of these positions:
No self-nominations yet.
Keri O'Brien
No self-nominations yet.
Communications Officer:
Jan S. Gephardt
ConQuesT Chair (2015 convention):
Kristina Hiner

Please note that the KaCSFFS BoD also is seeking a person willing to be appointed to the responsible-but-non-voting position of Registered Agent.

For a listing of the responsibilities that come with each office, please go the the KAXFEN Yahoo Group (available to all dues-paid members), access the Files tab, and open the 2012 Bylaws to Article III-Board of Directors.

Plan now to attend the April Meeting!
All current, dues-paid members are eligible to vote ONCE for their choice of Board nominees in contested positions.  Vote either in person at the April meeting, or in advance of the April meeting by mail for contested positions. Once we have a slate of nominees, we will update the Absentee Ballot form on this blog's Absentee Ballot Page (see link at right) to reflect any current, contested election.

Please note that the April meeting is once again on our regular day, the third Saturday of the month (in this case April 19, 2014), BoD at 5:30, full club at 7:00 p.m.

IMAGE CREDITS: The image of The Writers Place is from the Writers Place website. The photo of then-President Diana Bailey and Treasurer Cindy Norton processing memberships in 2013 is by Jan S. Gephardt, and may be used without alteration for the price of a link back and attribution.


  1. I was asked to e-mail my review of the KaCSFFS table at Naka-Kon to the Board of Directors for re-publication, but I can't find an address to do that. Can someone please send the info to MenziesClan (at) gmail (dot) com ? Thanks. -- David

    1. See your Gmail account for the reply.