April 22, 2014

New Officers Elected!

The KaCSFFS Public has Spoken
Logo designed by Ken Keller.
Three new officers were elected to the KaCSFFS Board of Directors at the April 2014 meeting, held April 19, 2014.

ConQuesT Chair for 2015
Kristina Hiner is still on the Board, but in a new position: she moves from Secretary to 2015 ConQuesT Convention Chair. She is currently the Vice-Chair of the 2014 ConQuesT.

Communications Officer
Jan S. Gephardt remains Communications Officer.

Earline "Cricket" Beebe
Our new Treasurer is Earline "Cricket" Beebe. She is a previous KaCSFFS Director, but not (as erroneously reported in the April 18 2014 blog post) a past treasurer. She has a professional background in accounting and tax analysis. She also has a long history
in fandom.  She has been president of the KC Horror Club, as well as KaCSFFS.

Keri O'Brien
Keri O'Brien is our new secretary.  She is a talented graphic designer who won the recent ConQuesT Logo Contest, and has been active on the ConQuesT Convention Committee for several years, as well as the Kansas City in 2016 Worldcon bid.

Ken Keller
Not for the first time, KaCSFFS can look forward to a new year with Ken Keller at our helm.  This is Ken's fourth time as Director/President of KaCSFFS.  He also was one of its founders, and was the chairperson of the 1976 Midamericon Worldcon in Kansas City. Ken has been a fixture in SF fandom for decades.  He also is a graphic designer, publisher, and connoisseur of fannish collectibles.

IMAGE CREDITS: Many thanks to Keith Stokes's Midamericon Fan Photo Archive for the images of Earline (at Lonstarcon, the Texas Worldcon) and Ken (at the 2007 ConQuesT). The image of Keri is her Facebook profile photo.  Thanks, Keri! 

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