August 03, 2014

Creative Corner

Picacio's Inkpot!
Creative Corner is a monthly column in which we report on developments amongst our creative brethren who are associated with, or friends of KaCSFFS. 

In July 2014, Bryan Thomas Schmidt attended DetCon1, the National Science Fiction Convention in Detroit and the KC in 2016 party which won best party. Jeff Orth and Ruth Lichtwardt did a great job. Good to see them there.
Best Party at DetCon1 for KC in 2016!

Past ConQuest Artist GOH John Picacio won the 2014 Inkpot Award and San Diego ComicCon this week for achievement in science fiction and fantasy art. More details on his blog.
Air Capitol Comic Con 11/16

Also, two local Wichita cons are looking for authors and panelists and might be of interest: Air Capitol Comic Con, Nov. 16,  and the Emerald City Steampunk Expo, Nov. 21-23.  Those are coming up fast.
Bryan Thomas Schmidt

This convention runs the weekend of 11/21-23/14
More news is coming soon. Please send your news about attending conventions, book signings or appearances, publications or other sales, art shows, or other creative-business updates to "Creative Corner" editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

IMAGE CREDITS: Thanks and CONGRATULATIONS to John Picacio for the image of his Inkpot Award.  Read his fun account about receiving it on his blog.  Thanks to the KC in 2016 website for their logo and motto. The Air Capitol Comic Con image is from the convention's website opening page.  The Emerald City Steampunk Expo logo is from their website's masthead.  The photo of editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt is from his website's bio page.

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