October 21, 2014

Changes of note for KaCSFFS

The KaCSFFS Board of Directors has made a couple of notable changes recently, which our members and friends may want to know about.

New PO Box!
This is a Google Maps Street View of the Post Office.
Our Registered Agent still resides in North Kansas City, but the other current officers do not. Thus, it has become impractical to keep our official KaCSFFS Post Office Box in North KC.

If you need to mail anything to KaCSFFS, we now are making the transition to the new box.

Please note our new address:
P.O. Box 22515
Kansas City, MO 64113

The new box is located in the Country Club Station Post Office, at 108 W. 63rd Street. The lobby is open 24 hours, for access to PO boxes. This should enable us to check the box before each meeting, to ensure all communications are current.

New, Bigger, Better Storage Unit!
This entrance is accessible 24/7 via our unique key code.
For many years we have been forced to store the club's equipment in a unit that was as economical as possible.

That meant a small facility that was not climate-controlled, for items that did not strictly need the temperature control. As a break-in last year demonstrated, it also was not tremendously secure.

We've had to depend on trusted members to store more valuable, delicate or temperature-sensitive items in their homes.

Happily, those days are gone! Several successful ConQuesTs in recent years (THANK YOU, Concom!) have made it possible to upgrade and expand our storage.

Our unit is the one closest to the camera.

We have recently acquired Unit #339C4 in Dean's Downtown Underground Storage, located at 1201 W. 31st Street in Kansas City.

The new space measures 10X15 feet, which should be adequate to hold all the club and ConQuesT gear that's been in the old unit, as well as KaCSFFS Press materials, electronics, projection screens, and other items that could not be stored in the unheated unit.

With a year-round temperature of about 72 degrees, these items should be both secure and safe from weather damage.

This is a different dock, but similar to ours.

The unit's 24/7 access will make it possible to pick things up from the storage unit, transport them to the nearby Writers Place for meetings, and then return them to the storage unit afterwards.

The spaces around us are currently empty, but the club has acquired a new, very secure lock. Each section of units is separated from the others, and accessible via secured access through a dock and rolling door.

IMAGE CREDITS: Many thanks to Google Maps Street View, for the exterior shot of the Country Club Station Post Office. Communications Officer Jan Gephardt took the photos of the entrance to Dean's and the example of a typical loading dock; Club Quartermaster Ty Gephardt took the photo of our new unit.

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