July 09, 2015

KC Horror Book Club July 2015 Meeting

The Missing

By Sarah Langan

Date and Time: July 19, 2015 (Saturday) from noon to 1:30.
NEW Location!!!!!: Char Bar
Address: 4050 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Event Notes: 

Come and discuss and grab some food too.

"A remote and affluent Maine community, Corpus Christi was untouched by the environmental catastrophe that destroyed the neighboring blue-collar town of Bedford. But all that will change in a heartbeat . . .

"The nightmare is awakened when third-grade schoolteacher Lois Larkin takes the children on a field trip to Bedford. There in the abandoned woods, a small, cruel boy unearths an ancient horror—a contagious plague that transforms its victims into something violent, hungry . . . and inhuman.

"The long, dark night is just beginning. And all hope must die as the contagion feeds—for the malevolence will not rest until it has devoured every living soul in Corpus Christi . . . and beyond."

-Harper (via Amazon) & Earline Beebe

Check the Facebook Event Page for more information.

Please contact Earline Beebe for more information on the Facebook event page.
Image from: Amazon. Published by Harper.

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