September 06, 2015

Call for Grill Wizards and Sundry Others

KaCSFFS Needs You for the Annual Picnic!
Start planning now for the Annual KaCSFFS Picnic at The Writers Place. Same fun folk, new month, and a new format: an indoor-outdoor picnic

We're hoping for nice weather September 19.

But KaCSFFS can't do it alone! We hope you'll start thinking NOW about what you can bring. We will need:

  • Lawn toys (Frisbees, croquet, bocci, horseshoes, beanbags, Nerf weapons, Super-Soakers, or whatever).
  • Grills, charcoal, utensils, and most importantly COOKS! 
  • Delicious side dishes to share with everyone (there's a sign-up message on the Google Group. Please use it, so we can make sure not everyone brings the same thing).
  • Drinks of your choice, if our standard soda choices don't work for you.
  • More specialized condiments (pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, mayo, cheese, chili, or other goodies)
  • Ice, for drinks and coolers.
IMAGES: Many thanks to La Saucisserie Artisan Sausage Maker, for, ironically, the image of burgers on the grill; also to the blog On Your Grill, for the image of the hot dogs. Are you hungry yet?

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