December 28, 2015

There's still time to read during the Holidays

Do you have your copy yet?
Plan now for the January Meeting (1/25/2016)
The BookIf Then
Publisher: Watkins Media
Available fromFine booksellers, including Barnes & Noble

“If Then is an incredibly enthralling and original tale that still has me thinking about it weeks after I read it. A brilliant entry onto the scene, If Then is a must read for anyone even remotely interested in speculative fiction.”
– Smash Dragons

“Sumptuously written, with prose that glitters with a dark lustre like a Damien Hirst fly collage. intricately plotted, and a satirical point as sharp and and accurate as the scalpel of a brain surgeon: De Abaitua operates on the smiling face of the present to reveal the grimacing skull of the future.”
Will Self

IMAGE: Many thanks to Matthew DeAbaitua’s Facebook page, for the cover image. Many thanks to Amazon for the short review excerpts.

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