July 13, 2016

Come to Our 45th Anniversary Meeting July 16!

What: 45th Anniversary KaCSFFS Meeting
3607 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111
When: Saturday, July 16, 2016
6:00 Meeting Begins!
6:30 Latest time the meeting will end. Program begins!

Food Theme: Birthday Party Food!

This meeting is the 45th Anniversary of KaCSFFS! We were organized in July 1971. Help us celebrate with an awesome KaCSFFS Birthday Party! Please bring your memorabilia, photos, and stories to share. 

Meet at The Writers Place, and bring birthday party-worthy treats, snacks, and hors d'oeuvres to share. KaCSFFS will provide a cake (half chocolate, half white), as well as the usual table service, plates, napkins, etc.

Fun Fannish History Discussion
One of our Founders, Ken Keller, will lead a discussion (we're still working on lining up other "early members" to talk with him) about the history of the club, with a special emphasis on funny or interesting stories. If you have photos, memorabilia, or your own fun stories, please bring them!

A FREE Reading Opportunity for KaCSFFS Members!
In response to recent, generous offers from several authors, KaCSFFS is starting a new program for dues-paid members. These authors have authorized us to share free e-book downloads or PDFs with our dues-paid members (via the KaXFEN list). 

We will announce who is the "author of the month" on the blog and at our monthly meeting, then follow up at the following meeting with a break-out group discussion of the book and a brainstorming session for writing short reviews. The "catch" is that if you download the book, you agree to consider writing a review. 

Our first cooperating author is Keith Shaw, of iPulpFiction. The link will go live on the KaXFEN list after the July 16 meeting, and it will be available until our September 17 meeting. The extra month was needed because our August meeting happens in the middle of MidAmericon II (right here in Kansas City!), and we aren't sure how many KaXFEN will be able to attend. Keith has offered to speak with us via Skype or FaceTime at the September follow-up event (we plan to take him up on the offer!), so we'll get to interact with him, ask questions, etc.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Zazzle for the 45th “Sapphire Anniversary” heart-and-ribbon image we used for the banner, to the "Females' Corner" website for the birthday candles image, and to iPulpFiction for the use of its "beaming fiction" logo.

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