November 21, 2016

2016 KaCSFFS Thanksgiving

The KaCSFFS tradition of having a Thanksgiving dinner together each year was started so no KaXFAN would ever have to go through the season without Thanksgiving dinner (even if it was a bit time-shifted). We made sure of it yet again this year, at The Writers Place. Here are some photos.
We opened with a short business meeting, conducted by Margene Bahm.

While waiting for other diners to take their turn, we enjoyed good conversations.
Feasters began with the drinks and turkey meat.
From there, they moved on to the side dishes.

The dessert table offered a variety to finish things off. 

Then everyone dug in. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
After the meal, one group went upstairs to play a tabletop game. Others sat around and chatted, or participated in an informal beer-tasting. A good time was had by all.

IMAGES: All photos are by Jan S. Gephardt.

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