March 05, 2017

Every picture HAS a story

The stories behind the images
A guest post by Mitchell Bentley,
Atomic Fly Studios
Editor's note: While I was gathering information for the Mid-Winter Creative Corner post, I received a wonderful email from our Creative Friend and frequent contributor to the feature, Mitchell Bentley. It was full of interesting background notes on the four covers he'd most recently completed, and I thought his email would make the basis for an interesting stand-alone blog post. I asked; he agreed. We hope you find it interesting! --Jan S. Gephardt 

Judas Gene 

I completed a piece in December 2016 for Yard Dog Press. The piece title is A Short Hike to the Rail, and it was first completed in December, but the final printing had a resolution issue. This sometimes happens when an image is over-compressed.

I had to rework the final output to correct it, which is not an unusual occurrence. There is a second book already being written (possibly more in the series?), and I have already been contacted to do the sequel. This is my 10th cover for Yard Dog Press.

Judas Gene by Gary Moreau should soon be available at Yard Dog's convention tables, and is now available on their website.

Outposts of Beyond and Astropoetry
I resold the usage rights of two pieces to Tyree Campbell at Alban Lake Publishing, for use on Outposts of Beyond and a poetry book by Christina Sng. This is a common practice for artists and why keeping one’s rights can be very important. Of course, I usually give Tyree a nice deal to stay within his budget and because he also publishes my calendars.

The January issue of Outposts features my piece Fertility Temple Offerings, from my current 2017 calendar. This one is now available at Alban Lake’s convention tables and online.

Christina Sng’s Astropoetry features my image String Nebula II from my 2014 Calendar, which was also the cover. [Release date was to be in late February]

Earth Gamers
I am just now delivering a piece for a client, D. B. Schrock, that contacted me via my website. Sometimes I do not get to read the book, and usually that is when either time is of the essence, or when the author already has a concept they want depicted. In this case it was both reasons.

Essentially in a case like this the author acts as Art Director. All final files are then provided to a publisher or P.O.D. printer and marketing outfit such as CreateSpace or, as in this case, AuthorHouse Publishing. This should be released in the next couple of months. I am finishing out the contracts now.

IMAGES: All images were provided by the artist, Mitchell Bentley, for use in this post. All rights reserved.

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