July 16, 2017

Meeting Follow-up

KaCSFFS' 46th Birthday Party is now part of history, but it needs a few follow-ups. The July meeting was held 7/15/2017 in our usual venue, The Writers Place, in midtown Kansas City, MO.

"Out of This World" cake.
The pastry chefs of KaCSFFS rock!
We had a nice assortment of cakes for this birthday party, which were formally presented before the tasting. Then we tasted, voted, and here are the winners:

"Artificial Gravity"
Third place: The Means Family, for their "Out of This World" cake (lemon cake with dark chocolate frosting).
Their prize: A copy of the Rocket Jockey card game.

Second place: Liz Gooch and Luke Plumb, for their "Artificial Gravity" cake (Banana with coconut and walnut topping, "adjusted for the spin"--i.e., sort of lopsided. But tasty!)
Their prize: A DVD of Aeon Flux, a movie from 2005.

"Rum-Soaked Fruitcake"--
Not a crumb left behind!
First place: Beth Moscato, for her runaway favorite, the adults-only "Rum-Soaked Fruitcake."
Her prize: a pair of tickets to the historic Screenland Armour Theatre (films), plus a coupon for popcorn.

These bested a field of other entries that ranged from an imaginatively-decorated cake featuring a rocket surrounded by little green (gummy bears) men, to a package of Fig Newtons ("It's not a cookie--it's fruit and CAKE!")

Special thanks go to Earline Beebe, and David and Marisa Means, who secured the prize donations.

Puerto Rico NASFiC presentation
Jan and Ty Gephardt put together a photographic presentation about their trip to NorthAmeriCon '17, the 2017 North American Science Fiction Convention, held July 6-9 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We've included it below, for your potential enjoyment:

Great stories from KaCSFFS' past!
We capped the evening with a funny and enlightening panel discussion by four longtime KAXFEN, Ken Keller (one of the co-founders), Robin Wayne Bailey, James "Jim" Murray (AKA Dr. Paisley), and Paula Helm Murray.

L-R: Ken Keller, Robin Wayne Bailey, Jim Murray, and Paula Helm Murray told some great stories from KaCSFFS' past.
They regaled us with stories of how the club was founded, friendships and a mutually-supportive community established, and also some humorous and/or hair-raising tales from the rich history of BYOB-Cons, ConQuesTs, and other notable events through more than four-and-a-half decades.

Members! Check your emails!
The summer 2017 selection for the Reviewers' Reading Circle, Stupid Humans by V. R. Craft, is now available for free download as a reviewer's copy.

This offer is open for all dues-paid KaCSFFS members. We are featuring this book starting with the July meeting through a live author interview with V.R. Craft at the August meeting, and concluding with the September meeting.

IMAGES: All the photos on this web page, and at least half of those in the NASFiC presentation, are by Jan S. Gephardt. Most of the remaining photos in the presentation are by Tyrell E. Gephardt; the remaining photos (credited at the end of the NASFiC presentation) are from the official website of the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino, where the NASFiC was held. The Stupid Humans book cover image is from AmazonMany thanks to all!

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