November 13, 2011

More than Plenty's in Store at KaCSFFS Thanksgiving Meeting!

November 19 Meeting is Packed with Special Features

Come to The Writers Place for the November meeting with a Food Pantry donation; cash or your checkbook, in case you see artwork you can't resist; and a side dish or dessert to share for the potluck Thanksgiving dinner!

Bring non-perishable food items for
the KaCSFFS Food Drive!
Food Pantry Donations
Before you feed yourself, give some thought to feeding others! KaCSFFS continues its three-month food drive. Any non-perishable food item is appreciated! Some popular and healthy suggestions include canned fruit, vegetables, soup, meat (such as tuna or ham), etc., or peanut butter, beans, rice, pasta, and baby food. Disposable diapers and wipes, as well as toiletry items also are usually welcome!

Thanksgiving Visual Feast
Talented local and regional artists who work in the science fiction, fantasy, horror, and/or Steampunk genres will display their work for your viewing pleasure and purchase--just in time for the holidays! This display will be set up on the Mezzanine and second floor. It will be available for viewing all evening. Don't miss it!
This is some of the artwork displayed for last August's "Art Night." See what
our talented artist friends have in store for Thanksgiving!

Earline Beebe and Jan Gephardt enjoyed a good visit
at the 2010 KaCSFFS Thanksgiving Dinner. 
Thanksgiving Dinner
After a short meeting starting at 6:00, it will be time to eat. Enjoy the talents of the best cooks in KaCSFFS, and relax for a pleasant conversation at the table. 

If you plan to bring a side dish or dessert to complement the KaCSFFS-furnished turkey and gravy, please contact Diana Bailey so she can coordinate. Bring your own drinks, if you have something particular in mind. 

KaCSFFS provides plastic tableware and disposable cups, as well as the turkey and gravy.

John Tibbetts will read from
his new book after dinner.
After-Dinner Reading by John Tibbetts
A special treat awaits us after dinner, when the noted local film critic, writer, interviewer, and KU professor of film, John Tibbetts, presents a reading from his new book, The Gothic Imagination: Conversations on Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction in the Media. 

This book was only published last month. It includes an interview with KaCSFFS friend and Honorary Member Wilson Tucker.

Tibbetts is a charming and entertaining speaker. We think you will enjoy his presentation!

PHOTO CREDITS: The food pantry illustration is courtesy of the First Baptist Church of Medford, WI. The photo of the "August Art Night" display is by Neelix (Tracy Majkol), and is used with his permission. The photo from the November 20, 2010 Thanksgiving Dinner is by Ty Gephardt, and is used with his permission. The cover illustration for The Gothic Imagination was provided by Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Many thanks to all of them!

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