November 02, 2011

News Notes from the October Meeting

Important decisions made before the party started

Partiers included Sherri Dean
and Ken Keller.
We had a good crowd at the October meeting, held late so we could avoid a scheduling conflict and have a Halloween party. Before the party, however, several things were decided at the meeting.

Election Changes:
As part of the process of changing the Bylaws to comply with requirements for our hoped-for 501(c)3 status, the club agreed with a request from the Board to schedule officer elections in April 2012.

This is an important change from our traditional January election date, but it schedules this important decision the month after dues have been paid, and at a time when the weather is liklier to be good.

Current officers have agreed to continue serving during the extra months between January and April, to bridge this time gap.

New Publicity Committee Formed:
Communications Officer Jan Gephardt also outlined the need for a planning committee comprised of members who know about marketing, to help review all parts of our club's communications and publicity, and recommend "best practices" going forward. The goal is to have all the communications look like they come from the same organization, and to put in place a coherent vision for events and publicity.

Three members volunteered to serve on this committee, along with Jan. They are Jim Murray, Tracy Majkol, and Beth Welch. There still are potentially two openings on this committee, so if you were unable to attend the meeting but would like to help us clarify our communications focus, please contact Jan.

Remember the Game of Thrones Marathon--THIS WEEKEND!
Laser Rangers representatives Ken Keller and Tracy Majkol presented an audio-visual program about the upcoming Game of Thrones event.  It is this weekend! We published a schedule here earlier in October, or you can find more information on the Laser Rangers website.  Keep watching this page: our next post with give all the latest details.

PHOTO CREDIT: The snapshot used for this post was taken by Jan Gephardt. If you want to use it, please give credit to Jan and KaCSFFS. Thanks!

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