February 11, 2012

Annual KaCSFFS Valentine Party!

Myxer.com's "Alien Spaceship Love"

An Out-of-This-World Kind of Love 
is this year's theme.

When? Saturday, February 18, 2012
What time? KaCSFFS meeting starts at 6:00. Party starts at 7:00. 
"Alien Love," by Scott Given
Where? The Writers Place3607 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO 64111-2820
Admission to the Party: $5 or 5 cans/boxes of non-perishable food per person, for Kansas City food pantries. (Or $1 and 4 cans. Or $2 and 3 cans. Or . . . you get the idea.)

What to Wear?
Party coordinator Sherri Dean advises: "Attire should be inspired by your fannish love, be it Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Anime--whatever it is, we've got a fan for that!"

Maybe The Voca People can inspire some local aliens!

And whatever you wear, make sure you can dance in it: "In addition to meeting and greeting with a wide variety of fans, there will be music, dancing, [and] karaoke," Sherri says.

There also will be "a Make Your Own Valentine station where you can make-n-take a card for a loved one, or give it to a new Valentine you just met! *Le sigh!*"

For recipes, look at the Wish Blog!
Don't plan on dinner here, but "we'll have light snacks and goodies," Sherri says, and encourages all club members who wish to do so to bring their own specialties. Many online sources (such as The Wish Blog, who furnished the photo at right), also offer great recipes.

We also will have "a non-alcoholic punch . . . for chasing away the thirsties." She adds. "Anything harder is BYOB, but please, nobody likes a sloppy drunk!"

Valentine Royalty card by Junkerman Jones
"Every Valentine celebration needs royalty to make the magic compete," Sherri concludes. "For the price of $1 you can nominate your favorite gal or pal for King or Queen. 

"In the fine KaCSFFS tradition, a woman can be a King, a man a Queen, or any combination thereof!

"Also, there's no limit to how many times you can vote, as long as each vote has a dollar with it. The winners will receive a nifty crown, a sash, and have their photo taken" for the KaCSFFS Blog (right here, folks!) and Facebook Page. 

PHOTO/ART CREDITS: "Alien Spaceship Love" is offered as a wallpaper by Myxer. "Alien Love" is by artist Scott Given. See this piece and more of his artwork at Elfwood. The photo of The Voca People is from Broadway.com--be sure to watch their video and learn their amazing back-story! The luscious Valentine food photo--along with recipes for most of these delights (hint! hint!) is from The Wish Blog. Finally, the card with the Valentine Queen and King is designed by Junkerman Jones Events, and featured on their blog page. Many thanks to all sources!

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