February 27, 2012

Highlights and Awards from Past Meetings

Fifteen extra minutes of fame!
In the past several months we've had a number of occasions to recognize some of our own, or join together in a group effort. This post was inspired by the Valentine King and Queen voting, at the February meeting, so let's start there!

Jo Dixon and Susan Ives are the 2012 KaCSFFS Valentine King and Queen.
Valentine King and Queen
The assembled group voted from among a number of very fine costumes, but the clear winners were Jo Dixon and Susan Ives.
Balloting and admission to the party brought in $92 and 29 food pantry items for Harvesters.

Valentine Food Item Winners
Lately, where there's food there's a contest, and the February meeting was no different. Members and guests brought some truly delectable items.

February Honorees were Bruce Marshall, for "Individual Strawberry Cheesecakes," and Mary Chambers for "Tomato/Cheese Kabobs" and "Red Velvet Cookies". Voters also gave a special Honorable Mention for Creativity to Cindy Norton, for her "Remains of an Andorrian Heart After Battle with Klingons."

Chili Cook-off Winners
At January's meeting we had our Third Annual Chili Cook-off. When the votes were tallied, the winners were Ron Davis for first place; Diana Bailey second; and Jim Murray third. 
Maybe someday we'll come out with an official KaCSFFS Cookbook that could feature the recipes that have won our various food/cooking contests . . . though perhaps we won't ask Cindy for her "Remains of an Andorrian Heart" recipe . . .

Recent Promo Photos 
Free stuff is good! And in recent months the club has had fun gathering for group shots with free T-shirts, posters, and other S.W.A.G. (stuff we all get), which prompts the film promotion company to send us yet MORE free T-shirts, posters, and other S.W.A.G. 
It's kind of like a Great Circle of S.W.A.G.

In January most of those present assembled at the Writers Place staircase to pimp the movie Underworld Awakening.  Yes, some of them are holding what look like packets of blood (it is actually colored sugar water).
In February, Party Coordinator Sherri Dean (at left) posed with prize winning cooks and Valentine royalty to promote the movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.
Halloween Costumes!
At the October meeting we had a great turnout of gifted costumers . . . but to our chagrin we can't find the names of the winners (We had them. Didn't record them. Augh!!). If the Halloween winners would please comment or contact the Communications Officer, we'd like to set the record straight!

40th Anniversary Honorees
Founder and former Director Ken Keller received
an Honorary Lifetime Membership.
Some of the most important awards given recently by the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, Inc. were announced at the September meeting, when we celebrated our 40th Anniversary of existence as an organization.

Very few Honorary Lifetime Memberships have been awarded in the group's history, but the Board of Directors decided unanimously that it was past time to award one to one of the organization's primary Founders, Ken Keller

Keller not only was central to founding the club, but also chaired the 1976 Kansas City Worldcon, Midamericon, and he remains an actively-involved member to this day.

The Tom Reamy Award for Excellence in Science
Fiction Endeavors was presented to Jim Murray.
Another of the group's highest honors is the Tom Reamy Award for Excellence in Science Fiction Endeavors. The 2011 recipient of this honor was our own "Dr. Paisley," James ("Jim") Murray.

In addition to these awards, KaCSFFS Awards of Recognition for Outstanding Contributions to Fhandom were awarded to six individuals: 
Cindy Norton
Ruth Lichtwardt
Diana J. Bailey
Tracy Majkol
Keith Stokes
David Sooby

Each of these has been important and active in aspects of the club's mission and function. Congratulations to all of our recent honorees!

IMAGE CREDITS: The photos of the Valentine Royalty and Ghost Rider promotion are by Jan S. Gephardt, and may be used under a Creative Commons license which specifies they may be used with credit given and without alteration; the photo of the Underworld promotion and scans of the two awards are from Robin W. Bailey, and are used with his permission.

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