May 18, 2012

Film Shorts and Long Tradition

Crew Call at the KaCSFFS Meeting!
Saturday, May 19 at 6:30 pm at the Writers Place
1982 "collating party" in San Francisco.

Come to the meeting Saturday for a true "retro" experience! It's an old-fashioned KaCSFFS pre-ConQuesT "bindery" party! Help cut, fold, laminate, and stuff envelopes for the con while we gossip, dish, and talk science fiction. 

We're just one week from ConQuesT 43, and this year, as in days of old, the meeting before the con will be used help get ready. We need YOUR help! We will be working on badges, pocket programs, attendees' packets, and more.

We can't bring our cats to this party, helpful though they might be!
If you're not old enough to remember the days when we hand-collated our fanzines, then you're in for a rare taste of fhannish history!

Once upon a time, kids, sf fen had to do it the old-fashioned way, with paper, staples, and good fun.  Let's enjoy ourselves for a retro Saturday night!

Bring scissors or paper-cutters, staplers, rulers, or any other tools you think might be useful.

Include edible goodies, along with the staplers and scissors!
But there are Compensations!
The food theme is cupcakes and cookies--and there will be awards, with certificates, so bring your discerning palate, along with your best prize-winning goodies!

Maybe even better yet, the Laser Rangers' David Sooby and Ty Gephardt have compiled a playlist that will provide almost 3 hours of science fiction and fantasy short films and cartoons, to keep us entertained while we work.

These shorts are mostly independently made, and come from all parts of the world. Languages in this presentation include, among others: English, American Portuguese, German, French-ish, Grunt, Beatnik, and Silence (with musical accompaniment). 

Some are funny, some are poignant, and some are pretty darn eye-popping. All were chosen for their entertainment value. We hope you enjoy this selection of amazing shorts (But not too much. Get back to work!!).

Please vote to "make them so"!
Also Important, but Probably Less Fun  
Saturday is the final vote for the provisionally approved KaCSFFS Bylaws, too. The Provisional Draft was amended last month, and the adjusted (final) version was published to the KAXFEN Files in the Folder titled "2012 Bylaws," for members' perusal. 

This vote is very important for our effort to finally see a successful result from our 501(c)3 application. 

PHOTO/IMAGE CREDITS: The b/w image of the 1982 collating party is from the history page of a political zine, The Processed World, but hand-collating a zine looks the same, whatever the publication's topic.  I couldn't resist the photo of the cat, Archer, "helping" his mistress (Teri Vlassopoulos) collate her zine in 2007. The pic is from Teri's blog Bibliographic. The cupcakes and cookies from Teacake Bake Shop look pretty irresistible, too! The good ol' "Bylaws Book" image returns one last time, courtesy of the A. J. Whittenberg Elementary School of Engineering "ByLaws/Standing Rules" page.

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