May 13, 2012

Heads-up for votes, and Call for Entries!

Bylaws Approval Vote Saturday!
The KaCSFFS meeting will include a final vote on the revised Bylaws, provisionally approved as amended at the April meeting. Read the amended Bylaws on the KaXFEN Yahoo Group.

Enter the KaCSFFS and ConQuesT Logo Contest!
The KaCSFFS Board of Directors has announced that they are now accepting entries in the KaCSFFS and ConQuesT Logo Contest.

This logo dates to the 1970s, and
sometimes still is used.
KaCSFFS has for many years had a mascot, named Kassie (the Flying Cow). The club also has been using various logos throughout its 40 year history (almost none of them depicting Kassie), but nothing has been used consistently except a circular logo (most recently seen on the membership cards) that dates back almost to the club's origin.

ConQuesT also has had a mascot, Casey, a winged bull, often depicted with the slogan, "Where the Bull really flies!" For many years the ConQuesT Artist Guest of Honor for the year used Casey in a design that appeared on T-shirts, name badges, and other materials for that year.  This practice has fallen off in recent years.

KaCSFFS is now going through a renewal period, in parallel with its hoped-for change to 501(c)3 status. Communications Officer Jan Gephardt and the Communications Committee are overseeing a transition to a more consistent "look" for all of our publications, fliers, announcements, brochures, and web-based communications.

To that end, they are seeking a pair of new logos--one for KaCSFFS, and another for ConQuesT, and we need your help to create them!

Note: The Board of Directors reserves the right to split the entries into separate KaCSFFS and ConQuesT designs if it sees fit, although we definitely prefer to have a pair that coordinates.

Contest Rules:
This logo contest is open to anyone, of any age, who has an idea and wants to submit it. Entries are now open, and must be received by August 1, 2012.  

Design two logos that are similar but distinct from each other: one for KaCSFFS, the other for ConQuesT.
  1. They do not have to depict Kassie and Casey (there is some debate within the club over retaining these mascots at all). 
  2. They should look good in black-and-white. 
  3. They should be easily identifiable at any size. That is, whether they are half an inch wide or three feet wide, they should look equally "legible" and clear.
  4. They should have a "futuristic" feel.
How to submit your entry:
  1. Once you have your two designs, they should be made into JPEG, TIFF, or PDF digital files. If you need help digitizing your entry, please contact the KaCSFFS Communications Committee, either in person or via email.
  2. Image size should be 5 inches (360 pixels) wide, for each logo design.  Resolution should be 200 ppi (pixels per inch).
  3. If the logos do not already incorporate the letters "KaCSFFS" for the KaCSFFS logo, and "ConQuesT" for the ConQuesT logo, you should submit a view of each that shows how lettering should accompany them (as the word "KaCSFFS" accompanies the 1970s logo example above).
  4. Submit your designs digitally to the "Logo Contest Entries" file on the KAXFEN email group or directly to the KaCSFFS Communications Committee email.
  5. If you prefer to deliver the digital files via CD or thumb drive, you may hand these to Jan at any KaCSFFS meeting before the deadline or at ConQuesT, or mail them to: KaCSFFS, P.O. Box 34413, North Kansas City, MO 64116.
What happens after entries close?
Once entries have closed, the Communications Committee will review all entries, and share them with the club at the August meeting. 

Members will view, compare, an discuss them through the next two months, and the Communications Committee may request that artists make small changes to their designs. A preliminary vote at the September meeting may be held, to narrow choices to a top 2 or 3, if that seems necessary.

A final vote by secret ballot (with an option for members to submit an Absentee Ballot) will be taken at the October meeting, and the winner will be announced after all ballots are counted.

Will the Winners win anything besides recognition?
The designer of the winning KaCSFFS logo design will receive a free, 1-year membership to KaCSFFS, with all the privileges, directories, voting privileges, and discounts that come with a valid membership.  His or her Directory listing will identify this person as "Logo Winner."

The designer of the winning ConQuesT logo design will receive a free, 3-day membership to ConQuesT 44 (2013), with full access to all regular convention events. He or she also will receive a special identification on his or her badge, identifying this person as "Logo Winner."

Both winners (or the person who wins both) also will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and a box of Annedore's Artisanal Chocolate Truffles (4 truffles per logo) or a suitable alternative, depending on dietary restrictions, to be donated by Artdog Studio on behalf of KaCSFFS/ConQuesT.

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