September 08, 2012

Monthly KaCSFFS Meeting Sept. 15, 2012

Don't forget your Super Suit (capes optional)!
Our guest speaker is "Captain" Jaymes
Logan of the Geekvolution website.
Who: You, we hope!
What: KaCSFFS Monthly Meeting
When: September 15, 2012, from 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Where: Our usual, The Writers Place, 3607 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111
Why: Fun with Friends and Superheroes
How: With style and gusto, of course!

Super September
The September meeting theme of superheroes is a tip o' the hat to our guest speaker, Jaymes Logan.

A notable local expert on comics and Star Trek, Logan will speak about comics, and--if you wish--also his new book, geek video, Trek, and related topics. Come pre-loaded with questions!

"Captain Logan" is one of the two masterminds (along with the indispensable Vince) behind the Geekvolution website, your source for a new video every day, forums, blogs, items for sale, a master list of Superhero movies, and much more.

Logan's book will be available
for sale on Saturday night.
Logan's new book is The Girl with Seven Names, recently published by Argosy Press. There will be copies for sale at the meeting (as well as Geekvolution T-shirts). Bring cash or checks! A book description from the Geekvolution site tells us:

“Dr. Franklin Bryce is a therapist with an unusual specialty: helping people deal with the unfathomable realities of the Multiverse. Helena Kathryn is a woman with unusual problems: multiple personalities, incredible strength, and severe amnesia.

"When a bat-winged, dimension-hopping thief steals Franklin's greatest gift - his telepathy - his life starts to unravel. Returning to the humdrum cases of normal psychotherapy holds no thrill... until Helena comes to him for help discovering her true identity.

"Unable to resist the allure of a tantalizing new case, Franklin jumps back into the many worlds of the Multiverse with Helena in tow. Standing in their way are killer robots, insane hypnotherapists, and a slew of alien adversaries. Of course, all of these are nothing compared to the greatest threat of all: Helena herself!”

If you can't attend the meeting, but still want the book, it is available from Geekvolution (please make them your first choice, since this is buying from the author himself), or from KaCSFFS friend (and home of SF&F Literati) Barnes & Noble. It also is available from Amazon.

We bet you can do better than "Human Torch"
Marshmallows, when it comes to bringing Super Food!
Food Theme
As usual, we are asking you to bring creative food offerings--this time on a "Superheroes" Theme! Ask yourself, "What would a superhero eat?" Other than "Whatever s/he wants to," might it be "Caped Cupcakes"? Perhaps "Spidey Spaghetti," or "Wonder Woman Bread"?

Scour the web, wrack your brain, and channel you inner Super Chef, to nourish BOTH our bodies and our imaginations with Super Foods!

There WILL be voting--and certificates for the best Super Foods! (Consider the gauntlet to have been thrown).

Late Note! We backed a WINNER!!
Congratulations to 2012 ConQuesT Artist Guest of Honor Ursula Vernon for her HUGO AWARD!!! She won the category "Best Graphic Story" for Digger.

PHOTO CREDITS: We are indebted to Argosy Press for the photo of Jaymes Logan. Amazon provided the cover art for The Girl with 7 Names. And we really hope that Marvel agrees our satirical use of their Human Torch image, originally created by artist Adi Granov for the cover of Fantastic Four, vol. 4, 542 (Jan. 2007 Marvel Comics), accessed from Wikipedia, is "fair use"!

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