September 24, 2012

Pod-Play Scripts

Pod-Play 1 Acts DUE SOON!!!! 

This is a reminder that the Pod-Play scripts will soon be due in a couple of weeks! Get them finalized and wrapped up. We're in the final mile here and it's time to give it all you've got. We're all looking forward to your final product! 

Below is a reminder of what were looking for. Thank you very much for participating. Good luck with your scripts.

Please see guidelines here:

Submit entries now!
    Pod-Play 1 Acts


    • Must be Family Friendly
    • Fall within a genre we cover as a club
    • Include more than two people
    • Can be comedic, dramatic, or any tone you’d like
    • Not more than an hour long
    • Is ready by October 20, 2012 (meeting date). 

    This is an open topic project with endless possibilities. Some prompts are provided below to get you thinking. Have fun and enjoy this. We are also looking for voice talents. Please contact us if you are interested.


    Format Guidelines

    Please refer back to our July post. <Insert Link>

    Thank you for your interest and participation. We look forward to seeing what you bring and the performances that result. Good luck and start writing!


    • A group of people discovers a strange object
    • An out of this world party
    • A UFO lands
    • Guidelines for Alien encounters with dramatic enactments
    • Science fiction serial series take off
    • Family of psycho killers recounting “just another day.”
    • Epic Fantasy quest in 1 act
    • Time Safari
    • Colonist’s first day on a new world
    • Broken down on the galactic highway
    • Adapt a 1-act play into a science fiction, horror, or fantasy genre. 
    • Our Neighbors are Aliens
    • Our Neighbors are LARPers
    • Fantasy quest that is really just a well-played D&D game
    • Lost Time Traveler

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