July 13, 2013

Film Cadets: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

Where: Cinemark Palace on the Plaze, 526, Nichole Rd., KCMO
When: July 14, 2013
Time: 3:50 pm (digital, non-3-D) show
Parking: Free across the street from the theater.
Dinner: 2 new restaurants discovered at the last outing. TBD.

Join us as we once again venture forth to experience the latest Hollywood has to offer.
"They came from the Pacific Rim. A deep ocean dimensional rift opened from a parallel world, and they came through to take our world. Their shock troops: the gigantic monsters of our scariest nightmares. Our response? The Jaeger program: to go just as *Big* as these invading monsters, or humanity goes extinct....OK, KaCSFFS, it's time once again for our Film Cadets to assemble. This time to view "Pacific Rim," del Toro's latest science fiction from Warner Bros." -Ken Keller 

No Facebook Event page but, please checkout the KaCSFFS Facebook Group for more details on this and other exciting club activities. If you are a member, please post your RSVP to the KAXFEN Yahoo Group.

Let's go save the planet -- AGAIN!

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