July 22, 2013

Tevan Keltner Reviews Star Trek: Into Darkness

Please note: Tevan submitted this review to us on 5/19/2013.  It would have been MUCH timelier then!  The Editor's personal life (and ConQuesT 44) intervened, and the review did not get posted.

HOWEVER, we still think it's an interesting review, and that you may still enjoy it!  We apologize deeply to Tevan for taking so everlasting long to get this published.

Star Trek: Into Darkness
A review by Tevan Keltner, submitted 5/19/2013

Well, ladies and gentlemen, if you enjoyed the first Star Trek then you’re in luck, because its sequel is one hell of a ride. In 2009, J.J. Abrams went boldly where not many would go by rebooting the Star Trek franchise. And while many fans were not entirely thrilled with this news, they must admit it was pretty good for what it was.

Everyone else, however, seemed to be enthralled with the franchise reboot. The cast was excellent and the special effects gave fans and newcomers a chance to experience Star Trek on a whole new level. Even including a special appearance from one of the original cast members. With the success from the first film, it was no surprise that a sequel would be underway and now we have Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Not only does this film up the action and up the dialogue but it also establishes itself as a fantastic follow up for Trekkers and newcomers alike. Like The Dark Knight, the tone is much darker and the stakes are much higher. Characters are put into situations that glue you to the screen and make you wonder how things will get resolved. I can't even describe how much goes on in just this one movie; it's incredibly overwhelming, but in a good way.

Much of the deserved credit should go to the cast. Believe me when I say that no character is pushed aside in this film. Every character gets their own screen time without it feeling rushed. We even explore relationships further between people.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto own their roles. They are the driving force behind this movie and in many ways shape each others’ fates as it should be.

There is also great comedy, mostly provided by Simon Pegg and Karl Urban. The newcomers are great too - the brilliantly sexy Alice Eve and RoboCop himself, Peter Weller.

But let's talk about the best newcomer of the bunch, Benedict Cumberbatch. Trust me when I say - you will remember his name. He steals almost every scene he's in with great gusto. His voice is chilling, his mannerisms unsettling and his intentions are decidedly unpleasant. This is just everything a villain should be. He has the major weight of the film and he carries it beautifully. This man will be remembered (by those who don't know his Sherlock Holmes), and I look forward to seeing him many more times throughout his career.

Star Trek: Into Darkness is brilliantly dark and action-packed. Cumberbatch gives one of his greatest performances. If you’re seriously wondering whether to see this movie or not, please take my word for it. Go see it!! 

Tevan Keltner is a second-year college student in the Animation and Game Design program at Johnson County Community College

IMAGE CREDIT: Movie poster image is from IMDB.  Many thanks to them!

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