August 17, 2013


Editor's note: SORRY!  I thought Ty was doing this post, and I guess he thought I was.  Anyway . . . 
Who: Us
What: August KaCSFFS Meeting
When: Yikes! TODAY, August 17, 2013
     Open Board Meeting: 5:30 p.m.
     Regular Monthly Meeting: 7:00 p.m.
Where: The Writers Place, 3607 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111
Why: Because it's what we do on the Third Saturday of the Month!
Summer Flip-Flop!
As posted on the KAXFEN list, we're experimenting with a new order of business for the meeting: Food and program first, then business!

The food theme is "Back to School," so break out the Mystery Meat?  Or maybe something a bit more along the new-style line of school nutritionists attempting to make cafeteria food more fresh and locally-sourced?

Or maybe we could break out the carrot sticks, raisins and PB&J, in our cool new lunchboxes!  (Of course, they never let us bring the good libations in grade school, but don't let that stop you tonight!)

Tales from the Cryp--er, the Early Years!
Stroll with us down Memory Lane with Ken Keller, David Sooby, and Robin W. Bailey, as they reminisce about some of their best stories and adventures from their fhannish lives.  Believe us, these guys have some tales to tell.  Audience participation is also encouraged!

Plus just a little Business:
We don't have any Old Business on the meeting agenda, and New Business will mostly consist of Board of Directors reports and announcements from some of our affiliated groups, such as Laser Rangers, KC Horror Club, SF&F Literati, and anyone else who has an announcement to share.

One announcement we already can share: Our own Rob Chilson has a story in the current (Sept/Oct) issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction.  On newsstands now!  Here's a review.

PHOTO CREDITS: Image "Blue flip-flops on a beach" courtesy of Wikimedia Commons;  School lunch tray image is from The Nutrition Post.  The F&SF cover is courtesy of Tangent.

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