August 10, 2013

Kansas City Horror Book Club

Anno Dracula

By Kim Newman

Date and Time: August 11, 2013 (Sunday) from noon to 1:30.
Location: The Green Room Burgers and Beer
Address: 4010 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite D, Kansas City, MO.
Event Notes:"Come and talk about Anno Dracula a Bram Stoker award nominee. We will also be selecting our next books."

Anno Dracula is the definitive account of that post-modern species, the self-obsessed undead." In this first of what looks to be an excellent series, Victorian England has vampires at every level of society, especially the higher ones, and they engage in incessant intrigue, power games, and casual oppression of the weak--activities, as we know, that are all too human. Numerous characters from literature and from history appear in both major and cameo roles. Spectacular fight scenes, stormy politics, and a serial vampire killer keep the action lively. A scholarly bibliography is included. Review

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Quoted text written by Earline Beebe. Please contact her for more information on the Facebook event page. Synopsis from
Image from: Owned by Titan Books publishers.

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