October 09, 2013

Laser Rangers 2013 October Meeting

Atom Age Monsters: Bill Ostrander Memorial Laser Rangers Session

Date: October 12, 2013
Time: 4:50pm
Location: David Sooby’s home theater with 51-inch Samsung HDTV, a 5.1 Surround Sound Dolby Digital sound system, a full set of audiophile-grade speakers, and upgraded seating for about 15 people without crowding.
Captain Laser: Open to those who miss Bill and wish to contribute.
Food: Japanese and Soutwestern/Tex-Mex
Costume: Kaiju or Civil Defense Worker.

To learn more, please visit our Facebook Event Page.

Further appreciations of Bill are included below.

Due to the special nature of this production, there will most likely be a few shorts before each feature.


(1954, 94 minuntes) Directed by: Gordon Douglas. Starring: James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, James Arness.

The earliest atomic tests in New Mexico cause common ants to mutate into giant man-eating monsters that threaten civilization.

Be Thrilled, Horrified, Excited, and Mystified by this trailer!

Between features, we will have our traditional potluck dinner. Please join us this month and share you fondest memories of our dear friend Bill Ostrander.

Main Programming

(1954, 95 minutes) Directed by: Ishirō Honda. Starring: Akira Takarada, Momoko Kōchi, Akihiko Hirata, Takashi Shimura.

American nuclear weapons testing results in the creation of a seemingly unstoppable, dinosaur-like beast.

Behold the genesis of a legend among legends by getting a sneak peak here!

This film will be presented in it's original Japanese language with English subtitles.

Remembrances of Bill

"Bill O. was always full of energy and excitement. He was one of us, he shared our passions and our camaraderie, he always made folks feel welcome and a part of the scene.

Bill also had a great love of lousy movies as well as the good ones and it was great fun as a fellow MSTie to read of his Alternative Laser Rangers nights where he pitted bad movies against the group, who had no choice but to riff for their lives.

Today the sky is dark and rumbling, the rains flow like tears for Bill's passing, and remind us all of how quickly any one of us could be gone in a flash. To also remind us how important it is to continue to get together even if it's only in spirit.

I know Bill and Vince are putting something special together for us down the road.

Til we meet again Bill, adieu."

- Mike M.

"I first met Bill years ago thanks to Vince while visiting his always cozy basement film screening and collection room for one of Vince's many 16mm film screenings.

Our final conversation, one of hundreds we've had over many years, was just a few days before he was struck down. For me, Bill must always remain in my mind's eye as I last time saw him, how I last remember him at the April Laser Rangers gathering: Talking about future film programs we could put together for the group and the one we were going to co-host together on the very day he was struck down ("The Day the Earth Stood Still" [1951] and "Forbidden Planet" [1956]). I do wish he could have had that one last day, that one last film program most of all, but it was not meant to be."


Bill Ostrander III

Bill Ostrander was born on June 25, 1958 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As an infant, he returned with his family to Kansas City, Missouri, where he remained for the rest of his life. Bill passed away peacefully on Thursday,, May 30, 2013 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Kansas City at the age of 54 with his family by his side. Bill (or Will as he was called by his family) attended Redemptorist and Hale Cook grade schools and was a graduate of Southwest High School.
He then attended mechanics school. However, his talent was in fine detail work which he turned into an over 30 year career at Root Dental Lab, making one of a kind dentures and crowns to order. After leaving Root in 2009, Bill was a school bus driver for Durham Bus Services in Blue Valley, Kansas. He was a former parishioner at Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Redemptorist) Catholic Church, St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church and St. Thomas More Catholic Church.
Bill was very active in a variety of local organizations such as the Classic Thunderbird Club of Kansas City, Laser Rangers and Great Plains International Plastic Modelers Society. He was a founding member of Starbase Kansas City. It was not unusual for him to go to a car cruise on a Saturday morning with friends, talk models at the local model store in the afternoon, and to attend a science fiction film festival the same evening. Bill was also an avid country music fan. He shared his interests with friends all over the country from Oregon to Memphis.
Bill was very kind and generous to all his friends and family, giving freely of his time to help out those who needed a ride to an event, or to obtain that special collectible item that only he could locate. He also assisted in helping his brother who had been hospitalized. He will truly be missed.
Bill was preceded in death by his parents, William and Alma (Sally) Ostrander, and his brother Jim Ostrander and by his best friend, cousin Vince Koehler. He is survived by his sister Judy Behee, her husband Bill, and their children, Kathy Kozak, Lisa Ragland, Bill Behee, John Behee and Brian Behee and their spouses and children; sister Mary Jane Minney and her husband John (California) and their children Anne Smoke and Patrick Minney and their spouses and children; brother Michael Ostrander of Kansas City; his uncle and aunt Hugh and Mary Ostrander and their children Bud Ostrander, Tim Ostrander, Mimi Puffett and Kathy Parker and their spouses and children; and aunts Ruth Penniston and Molly Evanoff and their children. Bill is also survived by the extended family of his late cousin Vince Koehler, including Marie Anne Koehler, and her children, Gerry, Mary Kay, Paul, Vince Jr. and John and their spouses and children.
Bill was always included in Koehler family events and parties and enjoyed being part of their lives. Friends and family are invited to attend a funeral Mass to be held in Bill's honor at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 15, at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 1800 SW State Route 150 in Lee's Summit, Missouri, followed by a luncheon reception at the church hall. In lieu of flowers, remembrances may be sent to Ronald McDonald House or your favorite charity on his behalf.
Published in Kansas City Star on June 9, 2013

- See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/kansascity/obituary.aspx?n=bill-ostrander&pid=165211951

You will be missed Bill, and still are.[-ed.]

Next month: Avengers Assemble! Marvel's The Avengers
Our annual planning session will follow our main feature. Don't Miss it!


The home of the Laser Rangers is located about four miles north of the Kansas Speedway, NW of the intersection of I-70 and I-435 on the Kansas side of the Greater Kansas City area.

IMAGE CREDITS: The information for all of these shows come from the invaluable IMDB. The movie posters come from Wikipedia or the movie's respected distributors.
The pictures of Bill Ostrander were posted by his family and friends on the Laser Ranger's Facebook Group Page.

The movie screen frame image used for the Laser Rangers contact information is courtesy of Psychology Today Online. Many thanks to these websites!

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