October 20, 2013

Tevan Keltner Reviews "Insidious Chapter 2"

Insidious: Chapter 2 
Review by Tevan Keltner
Directed by James Wan (Writer)
Screenplay by Leigh Whannel
106 Minutes – Horror, Thriller
** out of ***** Stars

Hot off his immense success with his horror blockbuster “The Conjuring” director James Wan is at it again. Only this time, the first film did not warrant a sequel nor did it require an explanation of its twist ending, which is over analyzed and dragged out until the material is literally beaten to a bloody pulp, and buried. If you believe James Wan wanted to make this film, you are sorely mistaken. Even writer and actor Leigh Whannel was not in any way motivated, except by money, to write a gripping script.

Now is it entirely bad? No not at all. There are still elements of the film such as atmosphere and timing that deliver great scares and the actors are doing their best with a wooden script. They even find a way to bring back Lin Shayne from the first film. It is also a shame that Patrick Wilson gives a chilling performance in a script so boggled and pointless that it only serves to demean his performance. James Wan did a good job attempting to treat the material with as much respect as possible. Unfortunately, this movie did not need to be made. The first story was enough and beating a dead horse is supposed to be “Saw” territory.

 There is a story here and it is thought out. Leigh Whannel’s can definitely tell a tale. And it does live up to the Chapter 2 title. It’s a direct sequel and this movie literally starts the day after the first film ended. The Lambert family has moved into Josh’s mother’s (played again by Barbara Hershey) house, hoping to escape the horror of their last encounter with a series of paranormal entities. Hearing Barbara Hershey say: “Whatever was haunting my family isn’t done with us yet,” makes us groan. Another painful reminder of a sequel that should not be. This would actually have been a better Television series.

Is “Insidious: Chapter 2” recommended viewing? Even to “Insidious fans?” Probably not. While this film has characters and elements from the first film, it is overall a complete mess. While the actors do their best with a pitiful script - it just doesn’t satisfy. Spend that all so important discretionary income, instead, on another viewing of “The Conjuring” which should still be in theaters. One wonders, once again, if another paycheck is ever a reason to subject the world of film to this kind of mediocrity?

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