May 29, 2014

ConQuesT 45 Memories

Our annual convention has shifted to the rear-view with the passing of Memorial Day Weekend, but the pleasant memories linger.  We hope you went, and that you had a great time!

The ConQuesT is Dead!  Long Live the ConQuesT!
Early-bird memberships to ConQuesT 46 are already available online, for the lowest price of the year, but only until MAY 31, 2014, 11:59 p.m. CDT!  We have a blockbuster lineup of guests (scroll down or go to the website).  We will return to the Kansas City Downtown Marriott.

Memories Captured
The amazing Keith Stokes has already posted a full gallery of images from ConQuesT 45 on his Midamerican Fan Photo Archive, the go-to source for photos of ANYTHING to do with science fiction/fantasy fandom, especially in the midwestern USA (the full collection spans the globe).

With particular thanks to Keith, we're sharing a few of his images with you here, but do yourself a favor and check out the full gallery on Keith's site!
Toastmistress Caroline Spector introduced the guests with a hilarious PowerPoint. L-R: Spector, Ray and Barb VanTilburg (Fan Guests), David Lee Pancake (Artist Guest), Bridget Landry (Science Guest), Glen Cook (Author Guest), Kristina Hiner (Vice-Chair), and Jesi Pershing, ConQuesT 45 Convention Chair.
This was only part of the Dealers' Room, coordinated by Cindy Norton.
Here's a view of most of this year's Art Show, directed by Mike Neely.
This year's Con Suite on the 6th floor included a bar and individually packaged edibles, to (we hope) cut down on the transmission of "con crud." Con Suite was run by Beth Welsh; the bar was coordinated by Ty Gephardt (far R).
Art Auction: Auctioneers were Tom Meserole (almost in photo at L) and F. L. "Zac" Zacarola (on stage); the runner shown is Signy Gephardt, displaying a ceramic piece by Peri Charlifu.
"Bland Lemon" (Brad Denton)  and "Honey Badger" (Caroline Spector) added musical life to the popular Room Con party, hosted by Mystie Hollaman. This year's event was Room Con 10.
Ken Keller (KaCSFFS President), Ty Gephardt, and Brad Denton look on as Earline "Cricket" Beebee and Robin Wayne Bailey accept one of the coveted "Golden Butterworth" party recognitions at Closing Ceremonies, for the "Raygun Chronicles" party.
Taking the helm: Keri O'Brien (ConQuesT 46 Vice-Chair) and Kristina Hiner, incoming ConQuesT Chairperson, accept their duties at Closing Ceremonies.
We also should note that the proceeds of this year's Charity Auction went to support AboutSF, an educational nonprofit based in Lawrence KS, whose motto is "Saving the World Through Science Fiction."

Shameless Plug for ConQuesT 46!
You won't believe our lineup of guests for ConQuesT 46!  Theme is "The Adventure Begins Here," and the weekend is conceived as a quest, inspired by our truly inspiring lineup of guests:
Author Guest: Brandon Sanderson!  Editor Guest: George R.R. Martin! Fan Guest: Mark Oshiro! Artist Guest: NeNe Thomas! Toastmistress: Selina Rosen Don't miss it--and also don't miss the Early Bird membership pricing!  Available online, but only until MAY 31, 2014, 11:59 p.m. CDT! You can still get a membership after that, but it'll cost a bit more.

IMAGE CREDITS: The ConQuesT 45 Noir logo is by Keri O'Brien, and came from the official ConQuesT websiteConQuesT 45 photos are by Keith Stokes, courtesy of the Midamerican Fan Photo Archive.  MANY THANKS, KEITH!!

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