May 10, 2014

KC Horror Book Club May 2014 Meeting


High Octane Damnation & Burden Kansas

By Brett Williams & Alan Ryker (respectively)

Date and Time: May 11, 2013 (Sunday) from noon to 1:30.
Location: The Green Room Burgers and Beer
Address: 4010 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite D, Kansas City, MO.
Event Notes: 

High Octane Damnation  
By Brett Williams

"Comet Press publishes horror, suspense, and dark crime, so I was thrilled when they wanted to publish High Octane Damnation, especially since they appear to be gunning for the growing niche of hardcore horror/dark crime. High Octane Damnation certainly fits the bill, with its intense chase scenes, gut-wrenching violence, and diabolical revenge sequences. Of course no work of fiction that pays tribute to the grindhouse car flicks I grew up watching as a kid would be complete without the prerequisite sexy women thrown in for good measure. All of which adds up to a fun novella I’m sure readers will enjoy.

"If the gritty cover art revs your engine (great job, Comet Press!), them I’m sure you’ll want to uncap a cold beer and climb into the passenger seat with me, ’cause all hell is about to break loose on the road to High Octane Damnation."
-Brett Williams from his blog.

Burden Kansas
By Alan Ryker
Vampires are not sexy or sensitive. Hungry, bloody and stinking of the grave, they hunt the dry Kansas plains, taking what they want until they cross rancher Keith Harris. Keith is a damaged man who's always made the hard decisions others couldn't. As the two forces battle for survival, the lines between man and monster begin to blur. How much of a community's burden of sin can one man take on before becoming a monster himself? With Burden Kansas, Alan Ryker provides a contemporary novella of vampire horror written in the minimal voice of the western. Burden Kansas is more entertaining, disturbing and thought-provoking than you thought a vampire western could be.
-Sucker Punch Press.

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