June 14, 2014

Annual KaCSFFS (Indoor) Picnic June 21!

Summertime, and the Picnic is Indoors . . . 
Who: All KaCSFFS Members and Friends are invited!
What: Annual KaCSFFS Picnic meeting
When: Saturday, June 21, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. (Setup starts 6:00)
Where: Indoors at The Writers Place
Why: Because we like to party together!
How: With good food, drink, and friends.

The 2013 picnic's theme was "Camp KaCSFFS," held at The Writers Place.
The KaCSFFS Picnic tradition goes back decades. When the club and all its members were young fen just starting out (and when air conditioning was not as ubiquitous as it is today), we often went to local parks for food, fun, and our June meeting.

Now that we are a multi-generational group, however, we've moved the party indoors so everyone can freely attend without adverse health consequences. 

The food is pot-luck: everyone brings some kind of "picnic-appropriate" food.  KaCSFFS club funds go for the meat (usually hot dogs and hamburgers) and buns, plus paper plates, cups, tableware, and napkins. If you have special needs, let us know or feel free to bring your own.  We can set up grills outside, either on the front porch or on the lawn.

Don Mull and Kristina Hiner talk near one of the 2013 food tables.
Members bring everything else: side dishes, desserts, condiments, drinks, chips--we need it all!  Coordinating the picnic this year is President Ken Keller. Please let him know what food you want/plan to bring, before we have everyone show up and discover we all brought nothing but pie or potato salad.

Going Google!
Learn about our new Google Group in June!  We have been promised an orientation presentation, so all members present will know about the features and possibilities of our new members-only organizational group. This blog recently posted an overview with an informational video.

IMAGE CREDITS: The "Picnic" lettering is from RH Events "Company Picnic Themes" page.  The photos from the 2013 Picnic meeting are by Jan S. Gephardt.

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