June 23, 2014

Creative Corner

KaCSFFS Authors and Artists are busy in June!
As previously announced, Creative Corner will be a monthly column in which we report on creative developments amongst our brethren. We begin with the report for June 2014. Artistic types!  Be sure to send your news and updates to bryan at bryanthomasschmidt dot net.

Happening this Month:
Robin W. Bailey
Robin Wayne Bailey sold a story to Esther M. Freisner’s latest Chicks In Chainmail anthology for Baen. He will also be editing a 50th Anniversary anthology for SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America), to release next Summer. He just returned from A-Kon.

Rob Chilson
Rob Chilson has told “The Tarn,” a novelette set in his “Prime Mondeign” universe to ANALOG Science Fiction and Fact magazine.

Jan S. Gephardt will be attending SoonerCon 23, June 27-29 where she’ll participate in several panels and have her art in the Art Show.

Jan S. Gephardt
As an editor, Bryan Thomas Schmidt sold three anthologies. Choices, a YA reprint anthology with 3 new tales, sold to Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy.  
Mission: Tomorrow, a near-future look at spaceflight in an age no longer dominated by NASA, and Galactic Games, a science fiction sports anthology to release during the Rio Olympics in 2016, both were sold to Toni Weisskopf at Baen. Robin Wayne Bailey will be amongst the contributors.

Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Bryan’s first Baen anthology, Shattered Shields, military high fantasy, releases November 4, 2014. Robin is also amongst the contributors to that.

Bryan and Robin were among participants in the Campbell Conference this past weekend at the Center For The Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas. Bryan will be a panelist at DetCon1, the National Science Fiction Convention in July in Detroit, Michigan.

Artistic types!  Be sure to send your news and updates to bryan at bryanthomasschmidt dot net. 

IMAGE CREDITS: The photo of Robin Bailey is from his website; that of Rob Chilson is from SFF.  The photo of Jan S. Gephardt is from the Soonercon website; the photo of Bryan Thomas Schmidt is from Amazon.

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