August 15, 2015

Creative Corner Returns!

Here's what creative friends of KaCSFFS are doing!

Creative Corner,
originally conceived by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, is a monthly feature to keep KaXFEN and friends of KaCSFFS informed about what the creative people in our circle of members and friends are doing professionally. 

Aaron Hollingsworth has released his "Supernatural Sequel to Romeo and Juliet," The Apothecary of Mantua, in e-book, paperback, and audible formats, available via Amazon. 

Dora Furlong has launched the e-publication of her SF novella, One of Our Own, in Kindle format, available on Amazon. Dora also recently attended GlitchCon in Springdale, Arkansas, as a guest and panelist. 

Holly Messinger recently received Advanced Review Copies of her gothic western novel, The Curse of Jacob Tracy from Thomas Dunne Books. Release date is December 1, 2015, in hardback, e-book, and audio formats. Reviewers interested in obtaining an ARC should contact Holly, or Thomas Dunne Books.

Fantasy artist Lucy A. Synk recently landed a new job working as an illustrator At T. S. Shure in Chicago, a maker of toys, games, and books.
Lucy may soon be creating illustrated toys such as this Dinosaur Tin Play Set, for T. S. Shure.
Keith Russell's That Certain Inner Radiance.
Keith Russell has three original paintings on exhibit at Noir Arts & Oddities1609 W 39th St., Kansas City, MO 64111 (816.533.4589), open each week Wed.-Sat. His artwork also can be found at Synthetic Sky Studios.

Bradley Denton has four new backlist books that have appeared in new versions. His novels Blackburn and Lunatics, and also his story collection, One Day Closer to Death, were released as Macmillan e-books, in all the usual e-book formats from all the usual e-book outlets. They have covers from earlier editions.

Macmillan recently released three of Bradley Denton's titles as e-books.
Also recently released as a new Dreamscape Audiobook is Denton's novel Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede, with a new cover by Mitch Bentley, read by Kirby Heyborne. This novel also is available as an e-book from Manybooks.
Recently released as a Dreamscape Audiobook, with a new Mitch Bentley cover.
And speaking of Mitch Bentley, he has several new things in the works.  He will be Artist Guest of Honor at Fencon in late September, and also appear as a panelist at Archon the weekend after that. 
Two of the new trade paperbacks with Bentley covers, from Sky Warrior Books.
Bentley also has announced several new book covers from Sky Warrior Books. These include the recently released Gate of Souls: Book One of a Familar's Tale by Verna McKinnon (as both trade paperback and e-book).
M.H. Bonham's Prophecy of Swords and sequel Runestone of Tiewas with Bentley covers.
Also, in time for Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane, WA, August 19-23, 2015, Sky Warrior will release three M.H. Bonham trade paperback titles: Samurai Son, Prophecy of Swords, and its sequel Runestone of Tiewas, with Bentley covers. 

Watch in September for announcements about upcoming Yard Dog Press titles with new Bentley covers. 

Sarah Clemens has announced she will be exhibiting three new originals at the Sasquan Worldcon. Each is unique in its own way.
Sarah Clemens's new original Busted! features a frame that opens to reveal the painting.
Sarah Clemens's Frost is painted on zebra marble. 
Sarah Clemens's Blue Crested Dragon is painted on a palm fossil.

Science fiction poetry by Karin Frank,
illustrations by Jan S. Gephardt
A Meeting of Minds, a trade paperback of science fiction poetry by Karin Frank, illustrated throughout by Jan S. Gephardt, is now available via WolfWeyr.

And finally, Susan Satterfield reminds everyone in advance to mark their calendars for the 2015 MCC-Longview Literary Festival, to be held on the campus of Longview Community College in Lee's Summit, MO on October 23Organizers are still seeking local and regional authors who would like to participate in panels, readings, and/or by having a table for selling your work. If you are interested, please contact Susan

These are the notifications we've received so far this month. Please support the talents of KaCSFFS's circle of creative people!

Who's in our "Circle of Creative People"?

The stated purpose of KaCSFFS (which is promoting and educating about our favorite genre) gives us a lot of reasons to help encourage the careers of the creative folk among us. 

Our "Circle" includes:
Creative KaCSFFS Members--authors, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and others--who work in the SF, Fantasy, Speculative, Horror, Paranormal, or related genres, are definitely in the "Creative Circle"! 

We also include creative people working in our genres who live our region (Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Iowa, primarily), even if you don't belong to our club. 

Participants in ConQuesT also count. If you've been on programming, offered creative work in our Dealers' Room, or exhibited artwork in the ConQuesT Art Show, you're part of our circle, too, and we want to help promote your work.

Do you count as one (or more) of these? If so, we want to hear about your "career milestones," such as conventions attended, awards won, stories sold, major works finished, readings, exhibitions, book-signings, e-publications, book launches, and the like. 


Many thanks to for the cover photos for The Apothecary of Mantua and One of Our Own
The photo of The Curse of Jacob Tracy Advance Reader Copies is by Holly Messinger, and was obtained with her permission via her Facebook Page
The "Dinosaur Tin Play Set" is courtesy of T.S.Shure
The image of Keith Russell's painting, That Certain Inner Radiance is from the index page of his Synthetic Sky Studios website
The cover artwork for Bradley Denton's new e-book and audiobook releases are courtesy of the author. 
One of the Mitch Bentley cover images is courtesy of Bentley's Atomic Fly Studios Facebook Page: Gate of Souls Book OneThe three M. H. Bonham cover images are courtesy of the artist, and used with his express permission.
The images of Sarah Clemens's three new originals are courtesy of the artist and used with her express permission. 
The cover for A Meeting of Minds is from WolfWeyr.
We are grateful for the use of all of these images.


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