August 09, 2015

SF Garage Sale at August KaCSFFS Meeting 8/15/15

What: Monthly KaCSFFS Meeting
3607 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111
When: Saturday, August 15, 2015
5:30 Board of Directors—open meeting
6:00 Doors open for setup and pre-meeting socializing.
7:00-9:30 The main event: Swap-N-Shop till we're all shopped out.
Food Theme: Food on a Stick!

After the sale: Please consider donating any leftover books to our Book Drive, and any other unsold genre items to our Charity Auction.

Science Fiction-Fantasy and Horror Swap-N-Shop!
We asked you last month to use this month's sale as a chance to go through your basement, attic, garage, closet, and the all the boxes of books and other items still hanging on since your last move, to collect some really GOOD STUFF that is genre-related, but that you no longer need/want/have room for. We hope your treasure-hunting has been fruitful!

We would love to see SF, Fantasy, Speculative, and/or Horror-Themed:
Books, Magazines
DVDs, VCR tapes
CDs, Audio books, Radio plays
T-shirts, ties, or other wearables
Toys, Models, Robots, Figurines
Ray-guns, light sabers, swords, etc.
Artwork, Posters, 
Games, Trading cards and collectibles
Tchotchkes of all descriptions 

Any Dues-paid member may bring their items to sell. All members and guests are welcome to come and buy. When the Writers' Place tables are all filled, you'll be on your own, so consider bringing your own portable tables. You're also on your own for easels and other vertical displays, unless you arrange to borrow Art Show panels.

How to borrow Art Show Panels: Call, text, or email Ty Gephardt, our Quartermaster (he's in your Member's Directory) by Thursday August 13, to request a pair of Art Show panels. 

Art Show Panels will be a pair of 2-ft-wide-by-six-foot-high metal grids, hinged in the middle so they fold out into a freestanding V-shape. Any seller may borrow one hinged pair (lights not included). 

If you need S-hooks, bulldog clips, or other Art Show hardware, please discuss that with Ty.

Food Theme: FOOD ON A STICK! 
Portable, low-mess, delicious treats are the order of the day at the Swap-N-Shop. Dazzle us with your versatility and yummy creativity!

IMAGES: Many thanks to Erin Underwood’s Blog “Underwords” for the photo of genre books in crates and boxes, and to the“Matt Bites” Blog for the images of food on a stick. The photos Robin Bailey's 2010 book-sales table at an earlier Swap-N-Shop event, and the example of what our Art Show panels look like are both courtesy of Jan S. Gephardt.

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