March 15, 2016

It's a Meeting Marathon! March 19, 2016

What: Monthly KaCSFFS Meeting
Where: The Writers Place
3607 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111
When: Saturday, March 19, 2016
3:00 ConQuesT Meeting, with PIZZA!
5:30 Board of Directors—open meeting
6:00 Doors open for setup and pre-meeting socializing.
7:00 Regular meeting begins
Food Theme: Comfort food and favorite snacks
Bring Card- or Tabletop games to play after the meeting.
Special ConQuesT Meeting - 3:00
In an effort to get as many KaCSFFS members to attend as possible, the ConQuesT committee will meet in a special session at the Writers Place this Saturday. 
ConQuesT is coming in May! We need your input! Margene Bahm has even offered a bribe reward to anyone who goes to the ConQuestT meeting: free Waldo Pizza! Come see what your concom is up to, and enjoy a free snack.
Here is our President/Director's bribe to ConQuesT Meeting-goers: Free Waldo Pizza!
Board of Directors Meeting - 5:30
The important decisions keep coming. Everyone is welcome to sit in on BoD meetings. After all, it's your club, and the BoD is supposed to serve your best interests. Sometimes we have to hear from you to know what those are.

Regular Meeting - 7:00
If you want to become a part of the active KaCSFFS community, pay your dues on Saturday night! Dues for a regular, voting KaCSFFS membership are $25 per year, due each March, via check or cash (you may buy a membership online via the form on the sidebar at right, but plan on a $2 handling fee, thanks to PayPal). If all goes according to plan, you should receive your new membership card when you pay your dues.

You might also consider becoming a candidate for one of our offices. KaCSFFS Bylaws have always specified that candidates must nominate themselves. No railroading, no "drafting" the unwilling. You have to place your own head in the noose name on the ballot. 

The officers of KaCSFFS are: President/Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer, and ConQuesT Chairperson (for chairperson of the 2017 convention, in this case). We will vote for announced candidates via absentee ballot or in person at the April meeting, if there are any contested elections. If only one person self-nominates for each position, they get the honor automatically.

We also are seeking a new Registered Agent: Diana Bailey has stepped down, citing health and family issues. The Registered Agent is a non-voting Board position. Because KaCSFFS is incorporated in Missouri, the Registered Agent must be a Missouri resident, who is able to attend meetings regularly and conduct occasional business for the club outside of meetings. 
Food and Games 
After all the business has been done, it'll be time to kick back and relax with each other. To help facilitate that, we'd appreciate it if members bring a favorite card- or tabletop game, and/or your favorite comfort food to share.

IMAGES: The photo of The Writers Place is from The Writers Place website; ConQuesT Prime header is from the ConQuesT website; the Waldo Pizza image is from Groupon, and the photos from the June '15 and November '15 meetings are by Jan S. Gephardt.

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