March 23, 2016

Would You Vote for Any of These People?

Margene Bahm
Actually, it's kind of a trick question, because dues-paid KaCSFFS members probably won't have to vote for any of them. 

That's because we have a slate of self-nominations for the 2016-2017 KaCSFFS Board of Directors, but no challengers. In that situation, the Bylaws call for the self-nominees to take office automatically in April.

Earline "Cricket" Beebe
Unless a challenger self-declares for one of these offices (email Margene Bahm or the KaCSFFS email) during or before our April meeting, the following suckers selfless individuals will be the new KaCSFFS Board of Directors:

Director/President: Margene Bahm
Treasurer: Earline "Cricket" Beebe
Secretary: Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Communications Officer: Jan S. Gephardt
Bryan Thomas Schmidt

The position of ConQuesT Chairperson is currently still undecided, as is the fate of that office as a Board of Directors position. We've had several years to live with the 2012 Bylaws, and it has become clear that revisions are needed.

Jan S. Gephardt
We also have a new Registered Agent! William McCullough has agreed to take on that responsibility for us. The Registered Agent is an important but non-voting position on the Board, and must be held by a Missouri resident, because KaCSFFS is chartered in Missouri.

William McCullough
Many thanks to all of these individuals, who are willing to spend extra portions of their time and energy on behalf of our club!

IMAGES: The photo of Margene Bahm is from her personal Facebook Page. Many thanks to Keith Stokes's Midamericon Fan Photo Archive for the image of Earline (at Lonstarcon, the Texas Worldcon). The image of Bryan Thomas Schmidt is from his website. The photo of Jan Gephardt is one of her standard head shots, provided for this post. The image of William McCullough is from his personal Facebook Page. Many thanks to all!

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