April 28, 2016

Announcing the KaCSFS Calendar!

Monthly themes and programs
Here are some of us on the steps of The
Writers Place during the March meeting.
As noted in an earlier post, the April 16 meeting set a plan in motion for changing the kinds of things we do at KaCSFFS meetings--with the objective of developing more fun things to do that celebrate our genres--while spending less time on business meetings. 

The general plan for all meetings in the coming year was featured in our April 25 post.

Our Calendar for the Fiscal Year
Here is the calendar of monthly themes we developed:

May 21, 2016:
The program highlights ConQuesT, our convention due to run the following weekend, May 27-29. Longtime member Tracy Majkol has taken photos at a lot of ConQuesTs over the years. Join him on a walk down memory lane. 

June 21, 2016:
The annual KaCSFFS Picnic returns to its normal month! We're still discussing whether to have the picnic at The Writers Place or elsewhere. Last year, we had an Indoor-Outdoor picnic, and that might continue. We're seeking inputPlease email us your ideas, or share them on the KAXFEN list! 

July 16, 2016:
This meeting is the 45th Anniversary of KaCSFFS! We were organized in July 1971. Help us celebrate with an awesome KaCSFFS Birthday Party! We're interested in hearing if anyone has memorabilia, photos, stories, or ideas to share. Please email us your ideas, or share them on the KAXFEN list! 

August 20, 2016:
Our regular third-Saturday time will fall during MidAmeriCon II, the 74th Worldcon, being held right here in Kansas City. We are seeking input from the members: will enough of us be at the Worldcon for us to hold a meeting there? Or should we simply party together informally at the Worldcon, and resume the meetings in September? Please email us your thoughts, or share them on the KAXFEN list! 

September 17, 2016:
This month is the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. Even if you're more devoted to Star Wars, Dr. Who, Firefly, or other media, if we're honest we know the show left a huge mark on our genre. September also has been a time when we have looked at Kansas City Fannish or science fiction history. We'd like to put together a panel discussion of local experts and encourage audience input. Please email us your thoughts on the matter, or share them on the KAXFEN list! 

October 15, 2016
This is traditionally our Halloween Party--costumes optional, but encouraged, and we've had some good ones over the years. In past years we've offered recognitions for the best. If you have ideas for the party, please let us know: Please email us your thoughts on the matter, or share them on the KAXFEN list. Our treasurer (also president of the Horror Club) has volunteered to ask several local horror writers if they'll come and do short, scary readings!

November 19, 2016
We wouldn't dare mess with the KaCSFFS Thanksgiving Dinner! This is our best-attended event, most years. Join us for good food (KaCSFFS provides turkeys, and the assembled multitude provides the fixin's), good companionship, and tabletop games of various types.

December 17, 2016
The annual Holiday Party is another KaCSFFS tradition we don't want to change. Some members bring small gifts or cards to exchange, and in past years we've also done an ornament exchange. Please email us your thoughts on the matter, or share them on the KAXFEN list, if you have ideas for making this party even more fun.

January 21, 2017
We had such fun discussing the year's new science fiction and fantasy TV shows and movies at our meeting last February that we decided to make it an annual event. We'll review the 2016 shows that we loved, hated, missed or need to catch up on, at the January meeting. The annual Chili Cookoff will return to the January meeting as well. Sample chili recipes and vote for your favorites, while we discuss our favorite new shows.

February 18, 2017 
We're reviving the Fannish Prom for our February meeting. Note: this is NOT a Valentine's Day thing, so singles or other combinations are welcome. Just come and enjoy! Once again, you'll have an opportunity to dress up if you wish (anybody up for a Steampunk Prom?), and enjoy the traditional CHOCOLATE food theme. Self-nominations for KaCSFFS Board officers start this month, too. As ever, we welcome your thoughts on this meeting. Please email us, or share ideas on the KAXFEN list.

March 18, 2017
Our annual dues-paying meeting and second meeting for self-nominations to the KaCSFFS Board will also have a party theme: specifically How to Throw a Great Room Party. We'll gather a panel of experts to talk about their experiences with throwing room parties at cons, just as the local sf convention season begins to heat up. We'll also insist that they tell us their funniest room party experiences. Come prepared to take notes, make plans--and also to laugh!

April 15, 2017
This is our month to vote (if there are contested offices) and induct new officers to the KaCSFFS Board of Directors. We also are considering a program on science fiction and fantasy for young adults. David Means has offered to coordinate the discussion.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Tyrell Gephardt for the photo of an assemblage of KAXFEN on the front steps of The Writers Place. The ConQuesT 47 logo is courtesy of ConQuesT. Many thanks to the Wakefield Theatre for the "Picnic" logo. Many thanks to the "Females' Corner" website for the birthday candles image, and to MidAmerCon II for the wonderful Ray VanTilburg design! We apprciate the Star Trek 50th Anniversary image from gazomg on DeviantArt. The photos from past Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday Party, and Fannish Prom meetings are by Jan S. Gephardt. Many thanks to Gizmodo and i09 for the photo of TV characters from 2016. The photo of the party balloons is courtesy of 24 Yes Daily. The montage of YA covers is from Robert Hood's Undead Backbrain post about the Aurealis Awards.

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