April 25, 2016

NEW!! Improved??

Change is coming!
The April 16 meeting was a long, serious business meeting, conducted for the purpose of eliminating long, serious business meetings

How to make KaCSFFS 
more Fun?
We've been thinking for some time now, that KaCSFFS meetings need to focus more consistently on fun and interesting ways to enjoy our favorite genres. Our business meetings have been too long, and we don't always have good programs. That must change. 

We had a productive brainstorming session on the 16th, and we've come up with several changes we want to make.

The first change is moving the Board of Directors' meetings to a different night (the Tuesday before each meeting). Board meetings are still open meetings, but this way if they run long they won't interfere with the regular monthly meetings. Watch the KAXFEN list for specifics.

Next, meetings will begin at 6:00. If a business meeting is necessary, we'll hold it from 6-6:30--at which point we promise to truncate it with extreme prejudice. If we need a longer business meeting, we'll schedule a special session at a different time.
The second-floor Library is a place where a special-interest group could meet at The Writers Place during monthly KaCSFFS meetings.
The Rise of the SIGs!
Thirdly, there will be a conscious effort to cultivate special interest groups (SIGs) at each meeting, who may wish to conduct break-out sessions in various parts of The Writers Place

If there is enough interest, we can have one group meeting in the Library, one on the Mezzanine, and one on the Main Floor. 
Dr. Who's T.A.R.D.I.S.

What special interest groups? We're not sure. We need members' input! But some of the ones we could think of included:
  • Steampunk
  • Space opera
  • High fantasy
  • Cross-genre fantasy
  • Specific literature- or media-based fandoms, such as Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Lovecraft, etc.
  • Time-travel
    Cthulu looms over a hapless city.
  • Paranormal romance
  • Post-apocalyptic science fiction
  • Alternate history
  • International science fiction
  • Anime, or other kinds of animated science fiction or fantasy 
  • Science-based programs (on space, or other topics)
  • Costuming interests
And many more. If you are interested in any of these or something else entirely, please let us know. Use the KAXFEN list if you're a dues-paid member; if you're interested or potentially interested and could actually come to one of our meetings, comment on our Facebook Page or email us. 

Games Galore!
We also plan to have board games and card games at most or all meetings. Our own game maven David Means has promised to develop a list of games he owns that would typically have a play length of about an hour or so. We'll post options on the KAXFEN list and take requests. 

Please also watch for David's upcoming series about games, to be run on this blog over the next several months.

We have created a month-by month calendar of meeting themes for the upcoming year (with the hope of making many of them annual events). We'll explore the calendar in more detail in our next post.

IMAGES: the "FUN" sign is courtesy of Schwartz Creek Youth Football. The photo of the Library at The Writers Place is from their website. The image of the T.A.R.D.I.S. is from Wikipedia. The image of Cthulu Looming is from the Etsy page of Ghostfire. The photo of cards for a fantasy game is from Beasts of WarWe cannot promise that this card game will be present at any given meeting--it is used to illustrate possibilities.The photo of the board game and pieces is from Fantasy Flight Games. We cannot promise that this board game will be present at any given meeting--it is used to illustrate possibilities.

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