June 11, 2016

Creative Corner-June 2016 Edition-Part ONE

The Creative Friends of KaCSFFS have been really busy recently--so much so, that we've had to break this month's Creative Corner into two installments! Look for Part 2 later this month!

Patrick Stutzman
The first two books of Stutzman's series are now available in newly-revised versions.
Patrick Stutzman has recently uploaded revised versions of his two first books, Alone on the Edge, and Alone in Paradise, to Amazon for the Kindle.The paperback edition should be available July 1, 2016 in these local bookstores:

Dog-EaredBooks on Noland Road in Independence

Inklings in Blue Springs

A to Z Comics in Blue Springs

Learn more about Alone on the Edge from FreadoStutzman's "Chronicles of Anna Foster" series currently includes four books and a short story, available online.

Yard Dog Press
Linda Donahue and Selina Rosen provide
"interpretive dance" for a short-story reading
at Apollocon 2007 for the Yard Dog Press
Traveling Roadshow
Publisher Selina Rosen and the "Feral Chihuahuas" of Yard Dog Press have announced plans to take the Yard Dog Press Traveling Roadshow to SoonerCon 25 June 24-26, 2016. 

Yard Dog authors who've told us they plan to attend SoonerCon 25 are: James K. Burk, Julia S. Mandala, Sherri Dean, Allison Stein, and Susan Satterfield

Flush Fiction Vol. II 
Yard Dog authors Mel. White and James K. Burk have alerted us that Flush Fiction Vol. II: Twenty Years of Letting It Go is now available. It is a collection of short stories that are 1,000 words or less, and includes stories by several of KaCSFFS' Creative Friends. It features a humorous cover by KaXFAN Sherri Dean.
New from Yard Dog Press: Flush Fiction Vol. II and Blood Songs by Julia S. Mandala.
Julia S. Mandala
Author Julia S. Mandala has alerted us that her new book Blood Songs is now available from Amazon. Blood Songs is an epic fantasy novel available from Yard Dog Press's new imprint, The Fantasy Writers Asylum, with a John Kevin Hopkins cover. 

Jan S. Gephardt 
Artdog Studio announces that a new, major piece of paper sculpture, Love in the Storm by Jan S. Gephardt, received its debut at ConQuesT 47 in May. 
Jan S. Gephardt's paper sculpture Love in the Storm debuted at ConQuesT 47.
Gephardt's new website, Jan S. Gephardt's Artdog Studio, is now live at http://jansgephardt.com, and still expanding. 

Gephardt and her son Tyrell Gephardt also will attend and participate in programming at SoonerCon 25, June 24-26, 2016.

Deb Pellicano
While we are on the subject of artists, Deb Pellicano, a.k.a. Ladyelf Pendarian, has announced she will be participating in Fourth Friday at Blue Heron Design in Lee's Summit on August 26, 2016. We'll keep you updated as the date draws closer.

Don't forget to watch for Creative Corner-June 2016-Part TWO, coming soon!

Our Mission: Creative Corner, originally conceived by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, is a monthly feature to keep KaXFEN and friends of KaCSFFS informed about what the creative people in our circle of members and friends are doing professionally. 

IMAGES: Many thanks to Goodreads, for the cover images for Alone on the Edge and Alone in Paradise; to Apollocon 2007's archive for the photo of the Yard Dog Traveling Road Show in action, to Amazon for the Flush Fiction Vol. II cover by Sherri Dean, and to Julia S. Mandala's website for the Blood Songs cover art by John Kevin Hopkins; to Jan S. Gephardt's Artdog Studio for the Love in the Storm image; to Deb Pellicano's LinkedIn profile for the photo of her; 

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