June 02, 2016

Early Preview: KaCSFFS Picnic returns to June Meeting!

cartoon by Alexis Gilliland
Here's ADVANCE NOTICE: Plan ahead, for the KaCSFFS Picnic!
As announced earlier, this year we return to the month of June for our picnic. Not this week, though--the Picnic will be on our regular meeting-day of June 18th, the 3rd Saturday, at The Writers Place3607 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111. 

We discussed venues, and although several members really wanted to return to our earlier tradition of outdoor cookouts in parks, input from other members convinced us to choose the path of inclusiveness. Since some of us have allergies, sensitivities, and limitations due to illness and/or mobility issues--AND we want everyone who is part of our community to enjoy the picnic--we will once again have an indoor-outdoor picnic.

Part of the spread at the 2013 Picnic.
Since the Picnic is a food-oriented event, it seems appropriate to offer some suggestions and resources. We will have grills going outside, leftover drinks (both alcoholic and soft) from the ConQuesT ConSuite, and tableware provided by KaCSFFS. What we need from members is everything else! 

Bring salads, sides, desserts, and anything else you care to bring and share! Here are links to some of the many resources for delicious recipes online:

Allrecipes "Picnic Recipes"
Cooking Light's "Top-Rated Picnic Recipes"
Country Living's "75+ Summer Picnic Recipes" and "15 Essential Grilling Tips"
BuzzFeed's "23 Easy Picnic Recipes that Everybody will Love," and
Food & Wine's "Top 10 Picnic Foods and Recipes

So there you have them: options. See you at the Picnic! 

IMAGES: Many thanks to File 770:164 and Alexis Gilliland, for the "T-Rex Picnic Chef" cartoon, and Country Living for the picnic table shot at the end of this post. The photo from the 2013 Picnic is by Jan S. Gephardt

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