October 06, 2016

A desperate flight and dueling dragons for October

Reviewers' Reading Circle discusses Blood Songs in October
The Reviewers' Reading Circle live author-interview event returns as our main programming item this month! 

Author Julia Mandala will join us live (and in costume!) on our new projection screen via FaceTime, to discuss her book Blood Songs, the featured Reviewers' Reading Circle selection for the month, and also to tell us about the new Yard Dog Press imprint, The Fantasy Writers Asylum, of which she is the editor. 

What is Blood Songs about? Rival goddesses Leshan and the dark goddess, Selure, have sent their dragons to battle each other, and Jhett, a young healer with a deadly past, finds herself in the middle of it all. 

At first imprisoned in Leshan’s temple (a place that she’s promised, on pain of death, never to leave), Jhett embarks on a perilous journey across the southern desert to save her former lover, Tarik, when she learns that her actions have endangered him. 

But assassins and warrior-priests pursue her, and she discovers that the stakes are much higher than Tarik’s life alone. Jhett’s choices will determine the battle's outcome–and the fate of her people. 

Blood Songs is available from Yard Dog Press's new imprint, The Fantasy Writers Asylum and Amazon, with a fantastic Kevin Hopkins cover. 

All dues-paid KaCSFFS members are eligible to receive free reviewers' copies of Blood Songs. In return, we strongly encourage all of you to read and review the book. As we noted last month, reviews are an author's life-blood, these days. 

One of the very best ways you can support an author you admire is to write a short review and post it online. 
It helps with rankings, and also makes a book more visible--and it's a real lifeline for indie authors, especially. It's easy, costs you nothing but a little time, and will earn you the author's deep gratitude. For Amazon's guidelines, click here. For GoodReads' guidelines, click here

You can post a review of Blood Songs here on Amazon. Post one here for GoodReads, and email here to submit your review to the KaCSFFS Blog. When allowed to do so by the website, you might want to consider using these hashtags: #Fantasy; #TheFantasyWritersAsylum; #speculativefiction; #EpicFantasy; #dragons

Haven't written your reviews for last month's selection yet? 
It's not too late! Don't leave Keith Shaw hanging, after the great interview he gave us! 

Post reviews for either of his books on iPulpFiction's Facebook Page

Review The Neworld Papers: The Historian's Tale here on Amazon - here on GoodReads - here on Barnes & Noble - and here on the KaCSFFS Blog.

Review The Neworld Papers: The Warriors' Tale here on Amazon - here on GoodReads - here on Barnes & Nobleand here on the KaCSFFS Blog.

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IMAGES: Many thanks to Julia Mandala's website for the photo of her, and for the image of the Blood Songs cover. Many thanks to the iPulpFiction website, for the cover images for the two Neworld Papers books, The Historian's Tale and The Warriors' Tale.

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