April 08, 2011

Change of the Movies


There has been a couple of developments in the last few hours and the previous show featuring "A League of Their Own" and "Eight Men Out" has been postponed till the alternate Laser Rangers session, which will take place on April 30th at the same time a location perviously stated.

Taking the place for the meeting tomorrow will be what would've been the alternate Laser Rangers Session: "Young Martial Artists with Great Potential" featuring "The Last Dragon" and "Bulletproof Monk."

"The Last Dragon" stars Leroy Green, Laura Charles, and Eddie Arkadian, is directed by Michael Schultz, and written by Louis Venosta.

In this 1985 action movie extravaganza, a talented young martial artist who refuses to fight, is on a quest to become the greatest martial artist alive. To prove this, he must attain something called "The Glow." However, he must first defeat a long line of enemies to reach the top.

The short we will be showing is called "Real Tekken." This is a live action recreation of a video game.

The dinner theme is Chinese. (Don't forget your chopsticks!)

Our other feature is "Bulletproof Monk." This movie stars Sean William Scott, Chow Yun-Fat, and Jamie King. It was directed by Paul Hunter and written by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris.

Released in 2003, "Bulletproof Monk" tell the story of an unlikely hero who picks a sacred scroll from the pocket of nameless Tibetan monk. Once the monk tracks down the thief, he takes it upon himself to train him as the next protector for the sacred scroll.

Dress theme (if so inclined): Chinese field shirt

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