April 30, 2011

The Final Version of the KaCSFFS Ad

In two sizes!
Here is the finished full-page ad.  I have sent it on to Jesi for the ConQuesT 42 Program Book, but after all the help you gave me, I thought you'd like to see the finished product.  Scroll farther down to see the quarter-page ad that will appear in the Pocket Program.

Of course, you'll be seeing them in print when you go ConQuesT--right???

Here's the full-page version.  Note the Taurus constellation is now complete!

Here is the quarter-page version.
I also needed to pare basically the same material down for the quarter-page Pocket Program ad.  Since an ad should function more as a poster than as a brochure, I had to cut out some of the more detailed information.  Prospective members can learn most of what they need to know on the website, in any case, I hoped.

This may be as good a place as any to give you a heads-up that I will be recruiting a Publicity Advisory Committee after ConQuesT, to work with me on crafting an overall publicity plan that encompasses all our print and online outreach efforts.  We will work together to design an a series of ads, fliers, and brochures that can be adapted for an assortment of purposes, plan roll-out strategies, etc.

Anyone with graphic design and/or marketing experience is especially welcome!  I will go out and actively recruit if I need to, but interested volunteers will generally bring better results!

Meanwhile, please remember the Writers Workshop May 21 at the Writers Place, and for goodness sake, if you haven't registered for ConQuesT and reserved your room, please do so!  The discounts are about to expire!!

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