March 16, 2013

Jan Gephardt Reviews "Inception"

Taking the 50-Word Review Challenge!

The movie: Inception
The director/screenwriter:  Christopher Nolan
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page
The reviewer: Jan Gephardt
Available from: Barnes & Noble Books

I enjoyed Inception a lot more than I expected to: interesting characters, brisk pacing, the ambitious screenplay tightly written—with eye-popping SFX.

I’d heard it described as confusing, but the basic premise and the cues to show which “dream level” we’re in seemed clear (dreams are like floors in an apartment building: start on the “roof” and go down or up a level via sedation or receiving a “kick” to send the dreamer back).

My quibble: we never learn how the “Jedi mind-meld” mcguffin machine puts everyone in a shared dream reliably.  But it’s a nice, meaty movie to provoke discussions!

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