March 15, 2013

KaCSFFS Meeting March 16, 2013

Of Little Green Men and other Matters
March is the Month of Mars
(Our President Diana Bailey contributed a meditation upon the month):

March is named for Mars, the Roman God
of War and for the planet Mars. That leads naturally to thinking about little green men from Mars and maybe even leprechauns. 

Now, I am not suggesting that leprechauns came from Mars or that they are an alien race or anything. But don't you think that celebrating all these little green men in March is more than a mere accident? I wonder what type of green card they carry with them. 

What: KaCSFFS Monthly Meeting
When: Saturday, March 16, 2013, at 6:30 p.m. (Board meets 5:30)
Where: The Writers Place, 3607 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111

Food Fit for Little Green Men and Friends?
Food theme for the Month: Show us what you should feed these little green men that may or may not be from Mars? Categories will be: 
Best Creative Dish
 Food that Best Fits the Theme (that is, Mars, Martians, or Leprechauns)
Best Green Food

Decision 2013 Looms!
We need additional self-nominations for the Executive Board.  As you may know, KaCSFFS Board Members must nominate themselves.  Currently we have the following self-nominations from February:

President: Cindy Norton (contingent upon Diana Bailey's self-nomination for Treasurer)
Treasurer: (none so far)
Secretary: (none so far)
Communications Officer: Jan S. Gephardt
ConQuesT Con Chair: Jesi Pershing

Balloting will be held online via Absentee Ballot, or in person at the April Meeting (dues-paid members may vote ONCE, by either means).

This is Membership Month!
Diana Bailey and Cindy Norton processed memberships at the February meeting.
If you have not paid your 2013 membership dues, your membership expires this month.  

If you allow your membership to expire, you will stop receiving information via the KAXFEN Yahoo Group, and you will no longer be eligible to vote on official KaCSFFS business questions, elections, etc.

You also will no longer continue to receive discounts with our cooperating merchants, just when we have gotten a new one!  See below!

Renew online (see PayPal button at right on this blog), or via cash or check (made payable to KaCSFFS) at the meeting.  Cindy and Diana, our Membership Mavens, will make sure you receive a laminated membership card when you pay your dues.

Return of a Popular Panel
Ken Keller and  associates will present a panel discussion of Kansas City's science fiction and fantasy authors.  There have been a lot of them, and the stories are often colorful.

Food Bank Items and Pet Food Coupons
We will also be doing the quarterly collection of canned and dry goods for food banks, along with a new pet food coupon exchange for some members who have four-legged furry family members.

Fund-Raiser for Jerry Gelb
Jerry Gelb was the Special Guest at ConQuesT a few years ago (2009).  You may remember his performances on blues harp at RoomCon on two occasions, as well.

We have learned that Jerry is in need of surgery to relieve pressure on his spine, which is causing random paralysis, among other issues. A fundraiser has been started to help him cover the expenses (and time off afterward). There will be a get well card to sign and a jar for donations. 

KaCSFFS Discounts Expand!
Sosa's 39th Street Diner is our newest source of discounts in midtown Kansas City! All card carrying KaCSFFS members in good standing need only show their membership card to receive  a 10% discount!

THANKS FOR THE IMAGES: We first used the beautiful image of Mars (titled "mars-planet-water-nasa") for the March 2011 meeting preview.  The webpage from which we retrieved it is no longer available, and neither TinEye nor a manual search revealed the original source.  It shall have to remain as mysterious as the Red Planet itself, at least for now.  The Ballot Box image is from the blog, “The Nev Filter." The photo of Diana and Cindy is by Jan S. Gephardt, and may be used without alteration for the price of a link back and attribution.  The Food Bank Graphic is from the New Haven Food Bank web page. The photo of the banner in front of Sosa's is from the Midtown KC Post.

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